Can you spot the Queen's secret Palace passage in this photo?

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The Queen pictured in the white drawing room which has a secret passage in Buckingham Palace
The Queen has a secret passage in Buckingham Palace. Photo: Getty Images

She’s one of the most famous women in the world, so it makes sense that Queen Elizabeth has a secret passage in Buckingham Palace.

Just like something out of a magical Harry Potter movie, the 93-year-old gets around her London palace by using a hidden tunnel which connects her private living quarters to the centre of the palace.

The White Drawing Room is the location for many state meetings held by the Queen, and where the Trump family were seen entering the palace’s ballroom for their white tie banquet this week. It’s also where the Queen broadcasts her famous Christmas Day speech from.

 Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump pictured in the white drawing room with the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla
The Trumps are seen entering the ballroom from the white drawing room ahead of their state banquet with the royals. Photo: Getty

The Royal Collection Trust uploaded a picture of the room to Instagram, announcing that the White Drawing Room is one of 19 State Rooms in the palace that will be open to the public to view from July 10 until September 29.

However, there’s something different about the White Drawing Room, as it’s the location for the Queen’s secret passage – and guests will find it nearly impossible to spot.

A closer look at the secret cabinet

Last year, Good Morning Britain went into the White Drawing Room, where in the corner, a seemingly normal cabinet was pulled to one side.

The Queen's secret door in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham palace pictured on Good Morning Britain
Last year, Good Morning Britain went into the White Drawing Room, where in the corner, a seemingly normal cabinet was open at the side. Photo: ITV
The secret cabinet door which hides the Queen's private residence
Behind the secret cabinet door is another door, which leads to the Queen's private residence. Photo: ITV

Taking a closer look, the cabinet opens up to reveal another door behind it, which leads to the Queen’s private residence.

If the cabinet had not been left ajar, guests would have no idea there was anything suspicious about it, as it appears to be just the same as any other cabinet in the room.

According to Hello!, all of the ornaments on the cabinet are glued to the surface, so nothing falls and breaks when it is opened and closed.

Buckingham Palace also talk about the hidden tunnel on their official website, saying the Queen ‘enters the room via a hidden door disguised as a mirror and cabinet before receiving guests’.

“For larger events, the room is often used for key guests to be presented to The Queen before everyone moves into the surrounding State Rooms to mingle,” the website reads.

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