Queen admits she 'can't move' during in-person meeting

The Queen has admitted to members of the royal household that she could not move much as she carried out her first in-person engagement since Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19.

Charles last week pulled out of an event after contracting coronavirus for a second time, with a palace source saying at the time, the 95-year-old monarch was not displaying any symptoms after coming into contact with her son two days earlier, but the situation was being monitored.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
The health of the Queen is again in the spotlight after she admitted to her frailty at an in-person meeting. Photo: Getty

On Tuesday, Her Majesty was pictured holding virtual audiences with new ambassadors from Estonia and Spain via video, before she returned to an in-person engagement, receiving both the outgoing and incoming Defence Services Secretaries at Windsor Castle.

"Oh, I am here," the queen, supporting herself with a stick, quipped as Major General Eldon Millar, and his predecessor Rear Admiral James Macleod, entered her room, as can be heard in a video of the meeting.


When asked how she was, the queen responded: "Well, as you can see, I can't move."

She gestured at her feet before shuffling forward slightly and greeting the pair with a handshake.

While Buckingham Palace declined to comment, a palace source said the Queen had been feeling slightly stiff, rather than having injured herself or being unwell.

The palace has refused to comment on the Queen's health and whether or not she actually tested positive to the virus herself, as it was revealed Camilla also tested positive for Covid-19.

The health of the queen, the world's oldest and longest-reigning monarch, has been in the spotlight since she spent a night in hospital last October for an unspecified ailment and then was advised by her doctors to rest.

Queen displays sweet personal family portraits at official meeting

Also notable during the engagement, were the pictures on display in the room where the meeting took place: Two very personal portraits, showing the Queen with many of her great-grandchildren.

Holding a baby, the Queen sits proudly at the centre of the portrait of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth II (L) welcomes outgoing Defence Service Secretaries Rear Admiral James Macleod (R) and incoming Defence Service Secretaries Major General Eldon Millar (C) during an in-person audience at the Windsor Castle
The Queen had a host of personal portraits on display during her meeting at Windsor Castle. Photo: Getty

Tucked behind a box of Fortnum and Mason 'Milk and Dark Selection' chocolates (the Piccadilly grocery carries the royal seal of approval), the personal pictures also include a family photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2018.

The charming shot captures both the Queen and Prince Philip sitting on a pale green sofa, in their personal drawing room. They are surrounded by their great grandchildren, Prince George, Prince Louis, Savannah Phillips, Princess Charlotte, Isla Phillips, and Lena and Mia Tindall, Princess Anne's grandchildren.

Now a great-grandmother of twelve, it's clear that the Queen takes great pride in her small relations.

The framed image on the left also shows her with grandchildren and great grandchildren who, according to royal watchers, include the Duke and Duchess of Wessex's daughter, Lady Louise, Prince George, Isla Phillips, Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips, Prince Louis, Mia and Lucas Tindall, and Lena Tindall. Lady Louise's brother, Viscount James, is almost certainly in the section part of the picture obscured by the Queen.

Additional reporting by Flic Everett and Reuters.

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