Hilarious 'quarantine pillow challenge' is here to mix up your wardrobe

People have been dressing up in their pillows and sharing the stylish results to Instagram (Getty Images)

While some people have been spending the coronavirus isolation Easter weekend mowing the lawn or baking, others have been getting creative in their bedrooms – just not like that.

The #QuarantinePillowChallenge has seen Instagram users style up using their bedding, specifically their pillows, and post the hilarious and sometimes impressive results online.

Many participants have turned their pillows and sheets into a makeshift “minidress”, kept secure with a belt around the waist.

They have had fun accessorising their DIY looks with quarantine-friendly eye-masks and slippers, as well as designer handbags, heels and sunglasses.

The trend has also provided ample opportunity for social media users to show off their chic duvet sets, including everything from classic white to fluffy green.

One of the first proponents of the viral fashion trend was Swedish fashion blogger Gergana Ivanova, who runs the account @myforteisfashion.

She paired her lilac Ikea pillowcase with a Zara belt, New Balance trainers and a PrettyLittleThing handbag.

Her post has received more than 58,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments.

Another participant was British fashion blogger Sophie Milner, who matched her white pillow with a Chanel bum bag and sandals in a post on her account.

Similarly, the Canadian-based blogger behind @allthingsmieza showed off her fluffy pink pillow ensemble plus heart-shaped glasses.

Meanwhile, a woman also decided to wear a ballgown every day to work from home during the pandemic.

New York-based Lucy Rogers has been receiving dresses via the clothing subscription service Rent the Runway.

“I thought my friends and family would find it funny and it just blew up from there really,” Lucy said.

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