Grandmother shocks with youthful appearance

A grandmother has revealed she is constantly mistaken for a teenager thanks to her incredibly youthful appearance, leaving her looking barely older than her sons.

Puspa Dewi has two sons and is now helping her eldest to take care of her first grandchild. So can you guess how old she is?

how old is puspa dewi
Can you guess how old she is? Photo: Viral Press/Australscope

Puspa is 53-years-old and has become an internet sensation, not only in her native Indonesia, but around the world, sharing some of her fitness and beauty tips to her online followers.

She has also attracted the attention of several local companies who pay her to endorse their products.

The lifestyle guru has been happily married to her husband Hadi for 27 years.

Puspa Dewi with husband Hadi and grandchild
Puspa with her grandchild. Photo: Viral Press/Australscope

She first went viral online after her pictures circulated in 2017.

At the time most of her followers could not believe the woman was over 50 years old, as she looks the same age as her children.

The mother said she loves looking after her family, but also credits physical activity for helping her look young.

 puspa dewi and husband
Puspa Dewi is 53! Photo: Viral Press/Australscope

“I really like playing sports,” she revealed, talking about her youthful appearance.

“I played with my two sons outside when they were little. Doing physical activities has helped me achieve my body goal.”

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