PSA: You Can Get One Of The Weirdest FF14 Glams For Almost Nothing


Final Fantasy 14’s Little Ladies Day is here again, with a flowery new rideable Gobbue waiting at the end of the MMO’s springtide celebrations, but there’s another new addition springing up, one you might not realize is available if you’re new to the game. Square Enix always puts the previous year’s rewards up for purchase in the Mog Station store during the current event for a lower price than most glams cost.

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In 2024, that means you can get the Tonberry glam for just $5.00, and it looks as weird as you’d probably expect it does, especially on anyone who isn’t a Lalafell. The Tonberry outfit comes with a hat that looks like a Tonberry’s bald head, complete with tiny, menacing yellow eyes; a large brown cloak that covers basically everything; a surprisingly stylish pair of billowy white shorts; and some equally stylish brown boots.

It’s worth it for the shoes alone, really. You’ll have to play the knife-wielding Rogue if you want to really get into the murder turtle spirit, though, since it doesn’t include any kind of weapon skin.

Putting aside lingering bad memories of getting ambushed by Tonberry in past Final Fantasy games and losing progress after they completely slaughter you, the full effect is slightly unsettling. Even more so if you add the Frightening emote, which is also new and goes for $2.00.

The current Little Ladies Day celebrations continue until April 1, 2024, and run alongside Hatching Tide. You have a bit more time to dive in if you haven’t taken part yet, but if you do miss it, the Gobbue and other rewards will turn up on Mog Station in 2025.

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