Project hosts mock Zuckerberg's bizarre 4th of July video: 'Cringing'

He might be worth a cool $170 billion, but that doesn't make Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 'cool' — at least according to the hosts of The Project.

To celebrate the US holiday on the 4th of July, Zuckerberg uploaded an odd Instagram video of him riding a special 'hover' surfboard called a hydrofoil while waving a huge American flag.

The Project host Carrie Bickmore wearing a pink collared dress on set
The Project host Carrie Bickmore couldn't help but laugh at Mark Zuckerberg's odd 4th of July Instagram video. Photo: Channel 10.


The Aussie panelists couldn't contain their giggles while watching the 37-year-old bob up and down while scooting across a lake to the stirring John Denver tune, "Take Me Home, Country Roads".

"It doesn't look real," remarked Carrie Bickmore once she'd got her laughter under control.

"Are we cringing about the song or the surf? The whole thing looks ridiculous," added a dismayed Steve Price.

"It's not the most embarrassing thing he has done, he had a website that ranked women," Peter Helliar piped up with a cheeky grin.

He was, of course, referencing Zuckerberg's early Facebook prototype, 'Facemash' which let his fellow Harvard students rank the 'hottest' woman (or man) from a choice of photos.


Mark Zuckerberg rides a hydro-foil board while waving an American flag in a 4th July video
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rides a hydro-foil board while waving an American flag in an odd 4th of July video. Photo: Instagram/zuck.

The hosts weren't done with mocking the fifth richest man in the world.

"It is quite amusing," Carrie went on. "Billionaires, the fact that they really can do whatever they want."

Waleed Aly jumped in to point out that Zuckerberg's bizarre display of patriotism 'is pretty normal' compared with what some American's get up to on their national day.

Peter had the last word, quipping: "He's so out of touch he actually surfs above the water".

That's a function of the hydrofoil board itself, which allows the rider to appear as though they're gliding above the surface of the water.

The Project host Peter Helliar wearing a suit on set
Peter Helliar poked fun at Zuckerberg's 'out of touch' surfing style. Photo: Channel 10.

It's the same watersport activity that Today host Allison Langdon was taking part in when she sustained "drastic injuries" to her knee back in February.

Ally was rushed home to Sydney from Burleigh Heads, Queensland, to undergo emergency surgery to repair her knee after what she described as an 'innocent fall'.

"I have a nice amount of metal in my knee now and have to wait a further five weeks before I can put any weight on my right leg," she revealed via the breakfast program's official newsletter after surgery.

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