Production on 'My 600-Lb Life' Forced to Intervene During Emergency Situation While Filming


The production crew filming a new patient featured in this season of My 600-Lb Life was forced to break its "cardinal rule" of never intervening in the lives of its reality TV stars when an emergency developed on the road.

In a preview of Wednesday's episode, Delana, who is new to Season 12 of the series, was running errands before completing her road trip to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, otherwise known as Dr. Now, in Houston, Texas. While on the road, her vehicle broke down in the middle of the street between two lanes.

With the car not working, the production team "broke their own rule of never intervening," as text on the screen read, to push the vehicle to safety on the side of the road. Once there, Delana appeared distraught over the situation, and the clip ended before revealing if they made it to Houston and Dr. Now.

"A mishap on the road has the #My600lbLife crew breaking their cardinal rule 😱," read the caption on TLC's Instagram account.

Earlier in the clip, Delana was "extremely excited" to see the doctor, and she seemed confident that their car would successfully make it to Houston, saying, "vehicle-wise, I think there's not going to be any's been running perfectly fine." Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

A fan referenced Delana's comments ahead of the trip, writing, "Awwwww 😢it’s like they knew it was gonna happen."

"Why does the car always break down on the way to see Dr.Now?" questioned another viewer, while a third simply said, "Can’t wait to watch."

TLC's official description of the episode teased Delana's story further, "When a regular trip to the grocery store turns into an emergency for the EMTs, Delana must admit how badly she needs Dr. Now’s help to lose weight. Hopefully her road to recovery will also lead her to reconcile with the daughter she’s grown apart from due to her weight gain."

The new episode featuring Delana's story airs on TLC on Wednesday, March 20, at 8 p.m. ET.

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