Fans bamboozled by Princess Mary's lookalike sister-in-law

For many Aussies, Princess Mary is an absolute favourite, a one of a kind everyday Aussie turned Danish royal.

Though no other Australian has donned a tiara and become part of European royalty, it turns out contrary to popular belief, the Aussie-born Danish royal might not be as ‘once in a lifetime’ as we first thought.

Princess Mary lookalike sister-in-law Princess Marie
Princess Mary (L) and Princess Marie of Denmark bear an uncanny likeness to one another. Photo: Getty Images

In fact, she has an uncanny doppelganger right inside her own family – her sister-in-law Princess Marie.

From their names to their birthdays to their almost identical looks, the two women couldn’t be more similar, as fans discovered when their birthdays were celebrated on the official Danish royal family Instagram last week.


Princess Mary celebrated her 49th birthday on February 5, while Princess Marie turned 45 on February 6.

Both were celebrated in separate Instagram posts, but it was incredibly hard to distinguish who was who in the almost identical official portraits.

The two posts shared one after the other highlighted the pair’s similarity, which has never been more evident, though a glance through their snaps through the years confirms it’s been hiding in plains sight all along.

On Marie’s 45th birthday post, one fan mistook her for Princess Mary.

Princess Marie speaking at podium identical to Princess Mary (R) speaking at podium
Understandably, one fan got the royals mixed up, thinking Princess Marie was her sister-in-law, Princess Mary. Photo: Getty Images

“I thought she turned 49,” the baffled royal watcher wrote.

The duo bear a striking resemblance to one another and have been mixed up in the past, their proximate birthdays and almost identical names not helping one another.

P{rincess Mary (L) and Princess Marie (R) of denmark doppleganger lookalike blue sash photo
The pair have been mixed up countless time. Photo: Getty Images

French-born Marie is the second wife of Prince Joachim who split from wife of ten years Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg in 2005.

The duo was first linked after the marriage break up in 2005, and Marie went on several family holidays between 2006 and 2007, the pair finally tying the knot in 2008.

Meanwhile, Princess Mary and Prince Frederick wed back in 2004 in a lavish televised affair.

Fans of Mary absolutely loved the royal portrait shared for her birthday, and couldn’t believe the youthful-looking princess turned 49.

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