Princess Mary apologises over coronavirus protocol blunder

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While we all might be grappling to deal with the new norm 2020 has thrown our way, Princess Mary has to do it in the public eye.

Unfortunately, the Aussie-born princess has been forced to apologise after she was photographed on official business breaching coronavirus protocol.

Princess Mary shaking hands during the coronavirus
Princess Mary broke coronavirus protocol when she shook hands on an official royal visit. Photo: Getty Images

The 48-year-old was on her first official engagement since the summer holidays, visiting Grenaa sea aquarium, Kattegatcentret, on Wednesday, where she as newly appointed President for the World Wildlife Foundation in Denmark, released 50 Sea Rays to the sea.

However, upon her arrival, the Tasmanian beauty seemed to forget new protocols around the coronavirus, as she was photographed shaking hands with a representative from the aquarium.

Owning up to the blunder, Princess Mary later took to the Danish royal family’s official Instagram account to apologise.

Princess Mary in a mask
The 48-year-old Australian-born royal apologised for the blunder. Photo: Getty Images

"On land, on water and in the air — we need to get used to wearing a mask. It is important that we all follow the health authorities' recommendations together," she said.

"Yesterday I was in Grenaa for my first official visit after the summer holidays. On the waters and in the air went well but on land I made a mistake and I unfortunately shook hands. It reminded me how important it is that we help each other live up to the recommendations. Stay safe and take care of each other."

Princess Mary in a throw away mask
Princess Mary owned up to the mistake and asked others to "help each other live up to the recommendations". Photo: Getty Images

Back in June Princess Mary stepped out for her first official engagement since lockdown began, visiting Holmegaard Værk, a new design museum, in Denmark.

At the event, Mary made sure to practice social distancing, however she did forgo a face mask for the visit.


In March, the Danish royal family decided to cancel all official appearances, with Princess Mary and her family returning home from Switzerland to “stand with the Danes”.

In a statement released by the palace, it was revealed that Princess Mary, her four children and her husband, Prince Frederik, would all return from Switzerland, where they’ve been enjoying a 12-week school stay.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark view artworks on June 8, 2020, while attending the opening of the designer museum Holmegaard Vaerk in Naestved some 75km south of the Danish capital Copenhagen.
Back in June Princess Mary stepped out for her first official engagement since lockdown began, visiting Holmegaard Værk, a new design museum, in Denmark. Photo: Getty Images

"In light of the worsening situation in Denmark in connection with the handling of the spread of COVID-19, the Crown Prince couple has decided that the family will leave home from Switzerland,” the statement read.

“The Crown Prince couple find it most natural to return home and stand with the Danes in a time that requires a lot of everyone and where there is a shared responsibility for looking after each other."

The palace went on to clarify that the children’s education will continue in Denmark, once public institutions open again.

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