Princess Mary's bridesmaid reveals truth behind their 'lost' friendship

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

She stood at the altar beside her best friend, Princess Mary, when she said ‘I do’ to Prince Frederik of Denmark in 2004 but Amber Petty has claimed it was ‘the end of their friendship as it was’. 

Tasmanian-born Amber appeared on The Morning Show yesterday, where she opened up about how difficult it was for her after her best friend joined the Danish royal family and how Mary being in the Firm changed both of their lives forever.

Amber Petty has spoken out about her friendship with Princess Mary. Photo: Channel Seven
Princess Mary married Prince Frederik in 2004. Photo: Getty Images

“Obviously, when your best friend moves to another country and then she enters into a situation that means that she has to conform and be part of a different environment - and also people have ownership over her - naturally, no matter how tight we are, and we’re still very very close to this day, so I didn’t lose her - but I lost what we had and I loved what we had,” Amber said. 

“We were so close and we could just talk about everything  whenever we wanted and that got taken away.”

It’s not the first time Amber, who admits that she fell into hard times after Mary’s wedding, has spoken out about the loss she felt after her friend moved to Denmark.

Amber Petty was one of Mary's bridesmaids, alongside Jane Alison Stephens and Patricia Anne Bailey. Photo: Getty Images

“Losing my best friend in a sense, I mean we are still really close, but losing her after the royal wedding was a really difficult 10 years,” Amber told Page 13 at the beginning of January. 

“I wasn’t in a good emotional space and it really forced me to either fall off the grid mentally, or to seek help.”

Amber has now turned to energy healing and believes her new spiritual path saved her life. 

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