Prince Harry's controversial move after Spare: 'Very open'

The Duke of Sussex is due to give a public talk about trauma.

Prince Harry's new move following the release of his memoir Spare earlier this year has been announced, with the Duke of Sussex set to unpack his life with a controversial trauma expert at a virtual event where attendees can submit questions for the royal.

Harry will speak with Canadian doctor and author Gabor Maté for an "intimate conversation", with fans able to purchase tickets for $USD33.99, about $A50, according to the publisher of his record-breaking memoir, Random House.

Prince Harry's controversial new move following the release of his memoir Spare has been announced. Photo: Getty
Prince Harry's controversial new move following the release of his memoir Spare has been announced. Photo: Getty

Maté, who has written many books including The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Health in a Toxic Culture, will talk to Harry about loss and the importance of personal healing.

After the conversation, audience members' questions will also be answered.

In an email to Postmedia, Maté shared that he couldn't speak too much about the event, but said, "The general topic is the impact of emotional loss and the necessity and possibilities of personal healing.


"In Spare, Prince Harry is very open about his mental health challenges, as I have been about my own in my books. Such a public conversation, I hope, will help encourage more openness around mental health and contribute to remove the stigma around what we call mental illness.

"I think a discussion of loss, trauma and healing is of interest to people at all levels of society."

The conversation will take place on VIMEO and there will not be a recording available afterwards.

Charles and William won't apologise to Harry

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry
King Charles and Prince William are apparently refusing to apologise to Harry. Photo: Getty

It comes following reports both King Charles and Prince William won't apologise to Harry ahead of the monarch's coronation in May.

Sources describe the relationship between the royals as a “toxic stalemate” after Harry exposed his family's secrets in his tell-all memoir, according to Daily Mail.

“There is still a huge amount of ill will boiling over in the family,” one insider told the publication.

‘Save the date’ cards are said to be sent out in the next two weeks to the 2000 guests who have been invited to Charles’ crowning, which is a significantly smaller invite list to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 which had over 8200 guests.

It's still unknown as to whether or not Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will attend the coronation.

According to The Mirror, Harry wants to speak with his father and his brother Prince William to clear the air before he considers flying to the UK for the major occasion.

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