Prince Harry fans slam royal family over 'cruel' moment: 'What a joke'

In the lead-up to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, there was a lot of debate surrounding whether or not Prince Harry should be allowed to wear his military uniform for any of the events after giving up his titles when he stopped being a working royal.

The Duke of Sussex, who saw action on the front line during two tours of duty in Afghanistan, was granted a last-minute exemption and was allowed to wear his uniform on Saturday as he and the Queen's other grandchildren held a vigil for their late grandmother.

Prince Harry now allowed to salute Queen
Prince Harry fans have slammed the royal family over a 'cruel' moment that occurred during the Queen's funeral. Photo: Getty

The palace's backflip came after King Charles first granted Prince Andrew the exemption for the Vigil of the Princes.

Andrew is no longer a working royal due to sexual abuse allegations.

However, Harry and Andrew were not granted the same exemption for the funeral, with both men wearing morning suits for the day, something that did not sit well with fans of the Duke of Sussex.


What made things more heartbreaking for fans was the fact not only was Harry not allowed to wear his military uniform, but it also meant he could not salute his commander-in-chief, his grandmother, one last time.

"As I look at the pictures of Prince Harry at his beloved grandmother's funeral, not allowed to salute her, not allowed to wear his uniform I wonder if his family truly understand how petty and cruel they look to the rest of the outside world looking in, not swayed by the UK tabloids," one Twitter user wrote.

Royal family saluting the Queen
'I find it disgusting that Harry was denied the right to salute his grandmother,' one fan wrote of the moment. Photo: Getty
Tweet about Prince Harry
Many Twitter users shared their disappointment that Harry could not wear his uniform or salute. Photo: Twitter

"I find it disgusting that Harry was denied the right to salute his grandmother," another said. "Tells you everything you need to know about that family."

"It’s so sad and cruel that Prince Harry isn’t even allowed to salute for his beloved granny and commander-in-chief," a third added.

"Is Harry seriously not allowed to salute? What a joke," someone else wrote.

"It's a sad state of affairs when Harry isn't allowed to salute the cenotaph as he is in civilian clothes," another said. "Treated the same as his disgraced uncle which is fairly petty."

Prince Harry in military uniform
Harry was allowed to wear his military uniform for the vigil over the Queen's coffin on Saturday. Photo: Getty

"The whole falling out is stupid and I'm sick of hearing about it, but it's particularly repugnant that Harry, the one with a decade of active military service, is the one that couldn't wear uniform or salute the coffin," one user wrote. "The others are all playing dress-up with Jubilee medals."

"Prince Harry was refused to give his Queen, his commander-in-chief, his grandmother, a 'royal salute'? The others have never seen war and never served their country," someone added. "But no problem cosplaying military and refusing the ACTUAL VETERAN his uniform and his respects while they steal it."

While some royal fans thought Harry wasn't saluting as a sign of disrespect, others pointed out why he wasn't allowed to salute, with one user writing, "In the British military you don't salute a senior officer (the Queen) when out of uniform. It's disrespectful.

"He is at attention, which is correct, but his head is bowed to show respect. Once again Harry has got it right!"

Ironically, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are the only royals who have served in war zones, while King Charles and Prince William served but were never close to combat. Princess Anne has never served but holds a number of honorary military titles. Prince Edward also holds honorary titles.

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