Lip reader reveals William's kind gesture to Harry at Queen's funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry were spotted speaking to each other before taking their seats for the Queen’s committal service.

The Prince and Princess of Wales stepped aside for Harry and Meghan Markle, allowing the couple to be seated first.

L: Meghan and Harry at the committal service. R: Prince George and Prince William at the committal service.
Prince William allowed Harry and Meghan Markle to enter the pew first. Photo: Getty

According to the Daily Mail, an expert lip reader has now revealed that William was behind the kind gesture.

William was waiting next to the pew when Harry came up and asked a question.

Lip reader Jacqui Press claims that Harry asked his brother: “Shall we go through first?”


Answering with a nod, William then told wife Kate Middleton: “Let them go through first.”

The Princess of Wales agreed, and let the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be seated before entering with her young family.

Although the brothers have been estranged since Harry left the royal family, the siblings have put their differences aside for this emotional time.

Prince William, Kate Middleton allowing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to enter the pew first
Prince William allowed Meghan and Harry to enter the pew first. Photo: BBC

Heartbreaking detail in Queen's funeral photo

This comes after royal fans spotted a heartbreaking detail in a photo of King Charles.

The monarch was sitting in the same seat his mother grieved alone for her husband Prince Philip, last year.

The Queen's passing came almost 18 months after the death of her husband last year, with Her Majesty taken to Windsor to be buried in St George's Chapel alongside Philip, her parents and sister.

In April 2021, during Prince Philip's funeral, there were still strict Covid-19 rules in place, banning separate households from mixing and prohibiting more than 30 people from attending.

L: Photo of the late Queen sitting at her husband's funeral. R: Prince Charles sits in the same seat at his mother's funeral.
King Charles looked heartbroken during his mother's funeral. Photo: Getty

Photos of the Queen mourning alone and wearing a mask, sitting across from her family became a defining image of the pandemic.

During the committal service, Charles sat in the same seat his mother sat in alone.

Millions watched the service, which was the first of a monarch to be televised.

Charles, who was visibly emotional, led the country, along with his siblings, children and grandchildren in honouring the Queen.

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