Prince Harry 'cannot face his family' in UK, royal biographer claims

A Royal biographer has claimed it is 'unlikely' that Prince Harry will return to the UK for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, saying the Duke is facing the "ultimate dilemma" as he prepares to publish his own tell-all memoir.

Tom Bower, who is currently writing a biography of Meghan Markle, believes the prince will find it hard to face his family "knowing what he’s written about them in that book".

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Experts are unsure if Prince Harry will be able to 'face his family' in the UK. Photo: Getty

"I think Harry won’t come back because he knows he cannot face his family," the writer told Closer.

"That book will have a lot of casualties and cause a lot of hurt. It will really deliver, as Harry knows it has to, to justify the money he’s been paid to do it. How can Harry come back and pretend it’s all fine? The worst of what he will say is yet to come."


The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex announced his book plans in July last year, saying that it will be a “first-hand account” of his life so far and will see him touch on the “mistakes” he has made and the “lessons” he has learned.

Prince Harry has been writing the book alongside ghost-writer J.R. Moehringer, and it is being published by Penguin Random House late this year, with reports suggesting the deal was worth a huge £14.7million ($20million).

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Queen, who is still recovering from Covid-19, was determined to reunite her family, and that she had officially 'ordered' Prince William and Prince Harry to make peace ahead of her Platinum Jubilee.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen had reportedly 'ordered' the brothers to make peace. Photo: AP

"She's tired of waiting for everyone to sort out their own messes and is personally intervening in everything," a royal insider told Woman's Day at the time.

"But the Queen has personally ordered – that's ordered, not requested – for this nonsense between them to stop."

It comes after both Harry and Meghan were called out this week for making political statements.

The Sussexes were mocked on social media after releasing a statement saying they "stand with the people of Ukraine" and condemned Vladimir Putin's invasion.

Then there were fresh calls for Meghan to have her remaining royal titles stripped for 'meddling' in US politics after the Duchess of Sussex weighed in on President Joe Biden's pick of Ketanji Brown Jackson as Supreme Court Justice.

The former actress has been living with husband Prince Harry and their two children in California and has been becoming increasingly vocal about US politics.

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