Prince Harry divides with brutal sledge aimed at royal family: 'Give up'

The royal is currently promoting his tell-all memoir Spare.

Prince Harry has divided royal fans after revealing if he could see himself returning to the UK as a senior royal in the future. To promote his new tell-all memoir Spare, which hits shelves on January 10, the Duke of Sussex sat down for an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes.

In a trailer for the bombshell interview, the 38-year-old was asked a tough question by Anderson Cooper: “Can you see a day when you would return as a full-time member of the royal family?”

Harry doesn’t take a beat and immediately answers with a curt “no”.

Prince Harry being interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes Sunday
Prince Harry doesn't want to work as a senior royal in the future. Photo: CBS

Royal fans were divided over his actions, with some applauding his decisive and strong act.

“Didn’t even blink, didn’t even think for a second. I’m so happy for him,” one person wrote.

“He wisely, firmly, and concisely said no to going back to a life of abuse, toxicity, betrayal, and press intrusion. In his new life he's his own man with his own family and legacy,” another added.


“This is NOT the same man who fled the UK and the firm. He even looks different. So much growth. Go Harry,” a third chimed in.

“I know this might sound crazy to some people but not everyone who is born into royalty want to be royal. Prince Harry has never bought into it and it has really nothing to do with his wife. She provided his way out but I think he would have left anyway. I’m so happy for him!” another pointed out.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview from docuseries Harry & Meghan
The couple opened up about their time as working royals in their docuseries Harry & Meghan. Photo: Netflix

However, Harry was hit by a slew of negative responses, with some accusing the royal of “whining”.

“He will never be able to go back, even if he wanted to…bridge burned to a crisp. I feel sorry for him. I really do. I think, in time, he’s going to have regrets,” a royal fan stated.

“So sick of so much whining and complaining from these two! Can’t he find a decent job that doesn’t involve trashing his family?” another asked.

“The real question is: will the Royal family take you back as a member? NO!” a third fired out.

"If it's a no, give up your title and move on. Many are getting tired of the whining," another added.

In another preview from his sit-down interview for CBS, Harry addresses criticism about being “so public” with his exit from the royal family, claiming he was a victim of ‘press leaks’.

“Every single time I tried to [talk] privately [with the royal family], there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife,” he explained. “The family motto is 'never complain, never complain, never complain'.”


Harry believes that the royal family ‘leak’ information by having ‘conversations with a royal correspondent’, who is ‘literally spoon-fed information’ to write their articles.

“At the bottom of [the article] they will say they reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment, but the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting,” he claimed.

The royal adds that he was frustrated with the institution not publicly defending himself and Meghan Markle to the media, and called the “silence” from the royal family a “betrayal”.

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