Prince Harry touches down in Canada after leaving the UK

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Prince Harry has arrived in Canada where Meghan is waiting with baby Archie. Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry has touched down in Canada, leaving the UK in the wake of the ‘Megxit’ controversy and ultimate resolution this week.

Sky News footage shows the Duke of Sussex disembarking an aircraft in Vancouver before being hurriedly whisked off in a black SUV on Monday evening local time.

The Daily Mail reported the Prince continued on to Vancouver Island on a WestJet flight, arriving at Victoria Airport around 9:45 pm local time.

Harry was spotted at the North American airport after boarding a flight out of the UK following his final royal outing on Monday afternoon.

The Duke’s final appearance was to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the UK-Africa Investment Summit in London on Monday, however, he didn’t stick around for the evening festivities, spotted boarding the international flight in the evening.

Harry presumably reunited with wife Meghan and son Archie on the island where the duo waited out the bulk of the ‘Megxit’ fallout.

The pair decided to kick off the first part of their transition from senior royals in the removed location, after spending Christmas holidaying in the country.

Meghan and Archie waiting

Meghan and Archie has been waiting for Harry's return In Canada. Photo: Getty Images

Meghan returned to Canada just days after the pair dropped their shock announcement, and has since been spotted out and about with baby Archie in tow while Harry hashed out an agreement with senior royals.

It was officially confirmed this week that Harry and Meghan Markle are completely stepping away from royal life, to instead embark on an independent future where they will pay their own way, free of taxpayer funding.

Now, plenty of people are wondering what will be next for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They will no longer use their ‘Royal Highness’ titles, the palace said in an announcement that sought to end the turmoil sparked when the couple announced they wanted to reduce their official duties and spend more time in North America.

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