Prince George shocked as Kyrgios drops F-bomb at Wimbledon: 'Block his ears'

Prince George was left shocked as he watched the men's final at Wimbledon over the weekend with tennis' bad boy Nick Kyrgios teaching the future King some 'bad words' he probably hasn't heard before.

Kyrgios dropped the F-bomb during an expletive-ridden rant to his team during his defeat to Novak Djokovic as the young prince watched on.

Prince George watching Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon
Prince George was left shocked over the weekend as he heard Nick Kyrgios swearing over a lost point in the Wimbledon final. Photo: Getty

A BBC commentator told viewers, "Apologies for the language, it's live sport, it's tense."

Kyrgios yelled towards the area his sister Halimah and his girlfriend Costeen Hastzi were sitting about his team's apparent lack of support, saying, "Do you f**king care at all?"


"Just say something!" he was heard yelling at his supporters, asking, "Is this not a big enough moment for you?"

The Aussie tennis star dropped the F-bomb twice during the heated four-set game and was later fined almost $6000 for "audible obscenity". As runner-up, he won almost $1,845,000.

Nick Kyrgios plays at Wimbledon in front of Prince George
The Aussie tennis star dropped the F-bomb twice during the heated four-set game with George sitting just behind him. Photo: Getty

Viewers were quick to joke about the moment, with one Twitter user writing, "Today is the day Prince George became a man."

"Kyrgios is really giving Prince George an education in Australian English," a second joked.

"Prince George is getting a masterclass in cursing today," a third wrote.

Tweet about Prince George at Wimbledon
Photo: Twitter
Prince George at Wimbledon tweet
Photo: Twitter
Alex Beresford tweet about Prince George
Photo: Twitter
Tweet comparing Prince George to Todd Flanders
Photo: Twitter

"Let's just hope someone thought to block Prince George's ears," someone else added.

"Prince George is learning a lot of new words today," another joked.

"Prince George is learning some new words for school tomorrow," TV presenter Alex Beresford wrote.

Prince George holds Wimbledon trophy

In the members' area after Kate Middleton presented the Wimbledon trophy to Djokovic, the Serbian allowed George to hold the trophy.

"Don't drop it," Prince William warned George, who told Djokovic "it was great" to see his first Wimbledon match.

George was excited to hold the trophy, but as Djokovic spoke to William, he handed it to his mum, telling her, "It's a bit heavy".

William was around George's age when he first attended Wimbledon with Princess Diana.

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