Prince Charles' secret calls to Camilla during family holidays

Eliza Velk
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It’s no secret that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage fell apart due to Charles’ ongoing relations with his ex Camilla Parker Bowles.

However, a royal podcast has revealed Charles was making private phone calls to Camilla in the midst of family holidays with Diana and their two young boys, Prince William and Prince Harry.

And according to a former royal security guard Ken Wharfe, Diana was completely aware.

Princess Diana was reportedly aware of Charles’ secret phone calls with Camilla during their family holidays with young Prince William and Prince Harry. Source: Getty

Speaking on Robert Jobson’s Royal Podcast Ken said, “It was sad in a sense for Diana of course because Camilla was always on the back of her mind.”

“At one point during this trip, Diana was aware that Charles was on the telephone to Camilla.”

Ken went on to explain that the phone calls were nothing new for Diana, it was something she “lived with,” only that being on holidays with their children made it harder for to bare.

The phone calls were something Diana ‘lived with’ on a daily basis. Source: Getty

Following their eventual separation in 1992, Diana confirmed in her famous BBC TV interview that while she was ‘devastated’ by the whole affair, she always knew there had been “three people” in her marriage.

In her famous 1995 TV interview in 1995 on BBC’s Panorama Diana revealed it was her “women’s instinct,” that told her Charles and Camilla’s relationship had continued.

Princess Diana later admitted that she always knew Charles’ ex Camilla was still in the picture. Source: Getty

After Princess Diana tragically died Diana in 1997, Charles went public with his romance with Camilla and went on to marry her in 2005.

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