Pregnant woman's revenge on man who refused to let her sit on the bus

Sarah Carty
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A pregnant woman got the best revenge on a man who refused to let her sit beside him on public transport.

While most people would get up straight away if they saw a heavily pregnant woman coming their way on the bus, this man decided his bag needed the seat beside him much more than eight-months pregnant Brydie Lee-Kennedy did.

Brydie, who is an Australian writer living in London, didn’t exactly appreciate the man’s move and instead of standing for the duration of the journey, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

A pregnant woman got the best revenge on a man who refused to let her sit beside him on public transport. Photo: Twitter/Brydie Lee-KennedyVerified account

“Well it finally happened in my 8th month of pregnancy,” Brydie started a tweet about her eventful bus ride.

“I just sat on a man’s hand and bag when he wouldn’t move them off the last spare seat on the bus. We’re now sharing a very quiet ride.

“I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere with a less Hunger Games spirit on public transport.”

Her tweet struck a chord with a lot of people on Twitter and it’s already been liked over 17,000 times and retweeted 1,500 times.

Many people related to the woman’s story and relayed their own horror public transport journeys.

“I was knocked to the floor in my eighth month by someone pushing to grab the last seat before me. I stood facing them with my big belly in their face the whole ride,” one person said.

“I was 7 months pregnant and went to the races, asked a table of men could I borrow a chair for a min coz I felt faint and I was pregnant. They laughed and said ‘we are pregnant 2!’” another commenter said on Twitter.

One woman said when she was pregnant she sprained her ankle and had to wear a cast, but still nobody offered her their seat on the bus.

The stories continued on the Twitter thread, with another woman saying she “once made a woman move her very large bag off the seat so I could sit down. She then put her bag on her lap, resting them on my knees. I took a photo of it and posted it on here, I was in such disbelief.”

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