Pregnant fitness star hits back over workout criticism

A US fitness star has lashed out after she was criticised for sharing a workout video while she is pregnant.

Personal trainer and fitness influencer Brittany Matthews announced she is expecting her first bub with fiancé Patrick Mahomes last month but hasn’t slowed down on her impressive workout content on her social media since.

Brittany Lynne workout video pregnant
Brittany Lynne came under fire for her pregnant workout video. Photo: Instagram/brittanylynne

While it’s perfectly safe for a fit mother to continue working out at Brittany’s stage of pregnancy, that didn’t stop several concerned onlookers from voicing their disapproval on her Instagram page.

When the mum-to-be shared a video of her booty workout over the weekend, the criticism escalated, however, prompting her to hit back via her Twitter page.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“I truly had no idea how many people actually think working out during pregnancy is not good,” she wrote on the site. “My oh my. Do your research peeps, there’s lots of new info out.”

She was responding to comments making unfounded claims about the dangers of working out while expecting.

Brittany Lynne with fiance NFL star Patrick Mahome
Brittany is expecting her first bub with fiancé Patrick Mahomes. Photo: Instagram/brittanylynne


“Be careful with the baby in you you may cause defects,” one person wrote.

“DONT SQUISH THE BABY!!!!” another panic-typed.

Others came to the 25-year-old’s defence in the comments, however, hitting back that the comments were untrue.

“Exercising during pregnancy is healthy!” one wrote.

“Seriously???” an exasperated person responded. “No, she won't! It's important to keep yourself healthy while pregnant! There is literally ZERO wrong with working out while pregnant.”

Brittany Lynne working out pregnant Instagram page
Others supported her for working out during her pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/brittanylynne

She’s not the only celebrity to come under fire for working out pregnant, with model Ashley Graham being criticised last year when she shared a gruelling workout video at around five months pregnant.

In the clip, a lycra-clad Ashley can be seen smashing out set after set on a vertical rowing machine and the intensity of the routine wasn’t lost on many of her 9.2 million followers.

At the end of her heart-rate raising set, the beaming mum-to-be gives her belly a cute little pat. But it appears to be all in a day’s work(out) for the catwalk star, who captioned the video, “It’s a lifestyle”.

Fans, however, shared their concern for Ashley’s activity in the comments, with one urging her to “Be careful!”

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