Bizarre pregnancy pillow hack for a better night's sleep

Bianca Soldani
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At first glance, this bed-hogging monstrosity looks like an absolute nightmare, but it could actually be the best thing that’s ever happened to your sleep.

An enormous pillow shaped in a U, it's designed to wrap around your whole body and hug you all night long.

A pregnancy pillow may be the key to a better night's sleep, regardless of whether you're expecting. Photo: Getty
A pregnancy pillow may be the key to a better night's sleep, regardless of whether you're expecting. Photo: Getty

It's literally a dream come true for anyone who finds themselves tossing and turning, unable to get comfy on their side, but you probably haven't heard of it unless you're pregnant.

These heavenly pillows are sold to mums-to-be to provide extra bump support, but there’s absolutely no reason why expectant mums should be the only ones let in on the secret - at least these people don't think so.

In what must be the most glowing review in existence, this happy customer espoused the benefits of sleeping with the $66 Pregnancy and Maternity pillow on Amazon when not pregnant.


"I love pillows, but this, this was like angels dropping down from the heavens singing and dancing whilst the light illuminated the way to Morpheus...", she wrote.

"I never want to leave my bed. I never want to sleep in a hotel, a friend's place or anywhere without my pillow love."

She did mention that the pillow is quite large, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the benefits, explaining, "I say, if you don't have the space for this pillow, make it."

"You spend about a fourth of your life sleeping, why continue the madness of flat, ugly, unappetising pillows? Burn it all and get yourself a slice of heaven!"

Hugged and loved

Another non-pregnant shopper was a little less poetic in her praise, but equally enamoured with her investment.

"I'm not pregnant but have issues sleeping because of hip bursitis and lower back pain,” she said, “No, this pillow did not fix these issues but alleviated some of the frustration with having multiple pillows everywhere!”

“It's thick and comfy and you can bend the 'arms' to suit your position. If you don't have a man next to you in bed then this pillow will definitely make you feel hugged and loved.”

woman lying with a pregnancy pillow
Whether you've got back pain or are just a constant tosser and turner, this pregnancy pillow makes you feel like you're being hugged all night long. Photo: Amazon

And they're not the only ones to wax lyrical about pregnancy pillows for non pregnant people.

A non-pregnant writer who inherited one from a friend said it literally changed her life.

“Gone are the days of fidgeting, rolling, sitting up to replump pillows and yanking the duvet out from my partner in order to throw my own leg over it,” Anya Meyerowitz said, “I now have everything I need in my 9ft pillow and I don't see any way back.”

“It supports my entire body, from my head down to my legs, and means I don't wake up with back pain, a cricked neck or stiff limbs. In fact, I don't wake up at all, until my alarm goes off.

“The pillow is soft, but firm enough to support your body in whatever sleeping position you favour, and once you've played around with the various sleeping options on offer, you'll soon find that you no longer need to compromise between a comfy neck or a numb arm in the night.”

Unsurprisingly, the internet is actually full of people who rave about the benefits of sleeping with a pregnancy pillow even if you're not pregnant, whether it's for back pain or simply because they can no longer sleep without one after experiencing its bliss while pregnant.

The downside

There’s no getting around the fact that these pillows take up a lot of space, it's pretty much like having another person in the bed.

So if you already share your bed with a partner, they might not be overly thrilled when you lug it in beside them - especially if the bed’s not a king - but if you normally sleep on your own then you’re in for a treat.

Who knows, this bizarre pillow hack may be what you've been dreaming of.

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