Pisces Daily Horoscope – March 7 2020

Pick a card, any card!

There are no major planetary aspects so I am going old-school and picking a card for each sign. Remember, if you’re reading this, you’re reading it for a reason and the card is meant for YOU! So think of a question and …

Here is your card…

Surrender! Full Moon Eclipse – and just like that, a door slams shut! If you’ve pulled this card, it suggests that the situation you’re asking is about to reach a peak, or has just done so, and things are now out of your hands. What you’re experiencing now is what your soul signed up for – a way for you to learn and for your soul to evolve. So allow events to unfold and be easy on yourself. If you’re letting go of someone or something, know that it’s the right time, as hard as it might be. Forgiving someone for what they did could be key to resolving this situation in a positive way. It doesn’t make right what they did, but it releases it so you can move on.
Affirmation “That which is meant for me will not pass me by.”

Additional meanings for this card

 Doors which slam shut now will not reopen  It’s time for you to get back on track  Forgiveness will set you free of karma  Meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra are all recommended now
The teaching Full Moons are nearly always about climaxes and very often about conclusions; Full Moon eclipses are the same – but on steroids. A Full Moon eclipse can be hard to handle because it portents change, something many of
us are uncomfortable with. But change is a part of life and this card, no matter when you pull it, reminds you of that fact. Full Moon eclipses can also give us a glimpse into what Carl Jung called ‘the shadow self’. Work with your darkness.
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