‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Stirs Up Fiery Debate Over Which Celebrity Her Son Resembles

TODAY -- Pictured: Ree Drummond on Monday October 18, 2021 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Ree Drummond stirred up a fiery debate among her fans on social media after she suggested that her son Bryce has an uncanny resemblance to Woody Harrelson.

The debate sparked when The Pioneer Woman host shared two photos of her 21-year-old son on Instagram on April 30. The photos, which appeared to have been taken seconds apart, showed Bryce sitting on a deck at the family’s home during a visit from college. He smiled directly into the camera for the first photo, and looked away while appearing to stifle a laugh in the second.

“It was so great to have my son Woody Harrelson home for a couple of days,” Drummond joked in her Instagram caption. “He’s headed back to OSU for his last week of classes and his finals. Go get ‘em, Woody!!”

In the days that followed, many of the Food Network star’s fans decided to weigh in on whether they agreed with the comparison she had drawn between her son and the Zombieland actor.

“We’re gonna need a DNA test,” one fan joked as another agreed that Bryce is “definitely his twin.”

“Now that you said it ....I can't un-see it😂😂😂,” one fan laughed. “He a dead ringer for him,” another person declared.

But some fans disagreed. “Woody is bald. Your son has lovely hair,” one Instagram user pointed out. Another said Bryce is “Far more handsome than Woody🙌 (sorry Woody).”

Others offered their own thoughts on which celebrity looks most like Bryce. While actors Anthony Michael Hall and Matthew McConaughey were popular suggestions, some fans drew less obvious comparisons.

“I’m getting Billy Idol vibes! See if he can do the lip thing,” one person wrote.

“I thought Gordon Ramsey's son had come for a visit 🤔,” another fan said.

“He looks like young Andy Bell from the band Erasure 🙂,” one Instagram user commented.

"He could pass for Anthony Michael Hall or Terry Serpico,” another person wrote.

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