Pinterest Confirms '90s Decor Is Coming Back in Their Summer 2024 Trend Report

And we can thank Nancy Meyers for that.

<p>Brizmaker/Getty Images</p>

Brizmaker/Getty Images

Pinterest just released their eagerly anticipated Summer 2024 Trend Report, which details all the exciting things on the horizon for fashion, beauty, food, and home. There were lots of little fascinating nuggets (bobs are back! Tea parties are a thing again!), but the overarching theme is that the '90s are coming back in full force across many categories.

The Y2K era is also feeling some love again. Searches for baggy outfits and chunky highlights are dominating Pinterest at the moment. And in the home space, the classic aesthetic of Nancy Meyers that was popular in the 1990s is seriously taking over too. The report gives more detail on other emerging home trends you can expect to see take off this summer.

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Nancy Meyers Core

<p>Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images</p>

Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

The work of iconic director Nancy Meyers has graced movie screens since the early '80s, but her most prominent films were released during the '90s and early aughts, in particular Father of the Bride, The Parent Trap, Something's Gotta Give, and The Holiday.

Nancy's style (or rather, her characters' styles!) during that era had a "timeless elegance," according to Pinterest. It was classic and sophisticated but still warm and inviting—think white French doors, floral-patterned English roll-arm sofas, and lots of brass accents.

Pinterest says searches for "Nancy Meyers living room" increased by a staggering 2,090%! "Nancy Meyers homes" followed closely behind at 2,055%, then bedroom (1,505%) and kitchen (620%).

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Dopamine Decor

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imaginima/getty images

We've been calling it for quite a while now, but dopamine decor is another trend that's still hot—and getting hotter—according to Pinterest. Folks are eschewing gray, beige, and greige interiors for more colorful, charming spaces that have character and personality. Think bold, quirky rooms that are all about their inhabitants!

The term "dopamine decor" has risen in search on Pinterest by 280%, but very niche aesthetics like "grandma core bedroom" shot up 2,605%! Though, this pales in comparison to "whimsical decor," which went up an astounding 4,690%. (On a related note, "fairycore bedroom" is also trending.)

Specific products and techniques are also noted in the report—"pastel desk" searches rose 8,995% and "color drenching," which our trend-spotting eyes noticed some time ago, increased by 990%.

Eclectic Vintage

<p>Fernando Bengoechea/Getty Images</p>

Fernando Bengoechea/Getty Images

Vintage decor is something that never really goes out of style, but now more than ever vintage is on the brains of many design-savvy folks. Partly because it's a smart way to infuse a room with a ton of charm and character, and partly because it's just better for the planet to buy fewer new things!

Pinterest says searches for "vintage eclectic home" increased by 1,418%, but if you're curious about a specific aesthetic, "vintage Americana" seems to really resonate with people at the moment, as there was a 164% rise in searches for the phrase.

Other trending themes in the vintage space include tea sets, decorative wall plates, and dinnerware.

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