Cleaning influencer shocks fans by showing how much dirt is actually on your hairbrush

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

It’s probably one of the most-used items in your beauty drawer but let’s get real, how many times have you actually cleaned your hairbrush?

If you’re cringing a bit inside because you’ve left it so long to rid your hairbrush of any dirt, or you’ve never cleaned it at all, then this series of screenshots from cleaning influencer Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram account may make you put the task at the top of your to do list. 

Cleaning influencer Mrs. Hinch has shared how she cleans her hairbrushes. She starts by removing any hair from the brush. Photo: Instagram/mrshinchhome

Mrs Hinch, who has 3.4 million followers on Instagram, decided to upload her hairbrush cleaning routine during lockdown, and it’ll shock you how much dirt came from her collection of brushes after soaking them in a simple cleaning mixture for one hour. 

Mrs. Hinch started off by removing any hair from the brushes, by using a clean comb so you don’t damage the bristles. 

Then, she put all the brushes in the sink and covered them with hot water. It’s important not to use boiling water at this stage. 

Next, she added in one tablespoon of washing up liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar to the sink to kill any bacteria lurking on the brushes. 

The she pops them all in the sink with one tablespoon of washing up liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Photo: Instagram/mrshinchhome
The end result will leave you shocked. Photo: Instagram/mrshinchhome

Mrs. Hinch left them there for one hour before rinsing all the discoloured water away and drying them out on a towel. 

"Like all your beauty tools, hair brushes get dirty with repeated use, especially if you're using styling products on your hair,"dermatologic surgeon Sejal Shah, M.D., previously told Good Housekeeping. 

"The buildup on your hairbrush can serve as nidus for bacteria and yeast overgrowth, so there is an infection risk”.

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