Piers Morgan Scoffs At 'Mean' Friendship Bracelet He Was Given At Taylor Swift Concert

Piers Morgan isn’t feeling too friendly about the friendship bracelet he was given at one of Taylor Swift’s London concerts over the weekend.

The English pundit recounted his time seeing the “Midnights” artist in a column for the U.K. tabloid The Sun published on Monday, where he raved about the show while complaining about the “Mean” keepsake he walked away with.

In the piece, titled “I’ve seen better singers and musicians than Taylor Swift in my time, but she has something that blows other stars away,” Morgan recounted his night out with 12-year-old daughter, Elise.

Though he grudgingly admitted he was impressed by Swift’s marathon three-and-a-half hour performance, Morgan wrote, “The only dampener for me came as we left, and stewards handed us all a free friendship bracelet.”

Trading beaded friendship bracelets has become a tradition during Swift’s blockbuster Eras Tour.

Morgan wrote that while “everyone else in our group got uplifting loving messages,” his simply said “Y U gotta be so mean?” — lyrics from the star’s 2010 track “Mean.”

Piers Morgan wasn't pleased with the souvenir he received after Taylor Swift's Sunday concert in London.
Piers Morgan wasn't pleased with the souvenir he received after Taylor Swift's Sunday concert in London. Getty

It was unclear if the sharply-worded accessory was specifically intended for Morgan, or if the bracelet’s message just happened to be a coincidence.

Ahead of Sunday’s concert, Morgan shared an excited photo from Wembley Stadium on social media.

“Taylor, the wait is over.. for both of us!” he wrote above a snap of himself with arms outstretched, as an eager crowd gathers in the stadium behind him.

Morgan was far from the only public figure who attended Swift’s sold-out London shows over the weekend.

Among the famous Swifties in the audience were Salma Hayek, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Jon Bon Jovi and England’s future king, Prince William, with his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Sunday’s performance also featured a special onstage appearance from Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.