Phoebe Burgess is caught 'liking' an Instagram post about betrayal

She’s yet to comment on the reports of her shock split from Sam Burgess, but Phoebe Burgess’ latest social media activity has raised eyebrows among followers.

Amidst reports she is on bad terms with her estranged husband’s family, the journalist liked a post about “betrayal” shared by her manager Sharon Finnigan.

“It’s funny how you’re nice to my face. It’s hilarious how you talk s**t behind my back. And it’s downright comical that you think I’m unaware,” the post read.

Phoebe Burgess was spied liking a post about “betrayal”.  Photo: Phoebe Burgess/Instagram/Shannon Finnigan

Some have wondered if Phoebe’s decision to like the post could be in relation to her having to deal with “two-faced” friends.

Sam’s sister-in-law has recently found herself in the firing line after making a public comment about the couple’s split which some believed was “unsympathetic.”

The controversy all started when Joanna – who is the wife of Sam’s brother George Burgess – posted a Burgess Christmas family photo to Instagram that she claimed was the ‘best one yet’ despite the fact Phoebe was not in it. 

Joanna Burgess has been copping heat on social media after she made a comment about Sam and Phoebe’s split. Source: Instagram/Joanna Burgess

The photo then sparked speculation that perhaps the pair had split prior to Christmas and that this was a subtle dig at her sister-in-law, Phoebe.

So in hopes to justify her post and shut down all the speculation, Joanna followed it up with a comment reading, “Phoebe has never joined the Burgess side for previous Christmas festivities. Therefore it couldn’t possibly be aimed at her!”

However, one critic was not impressed at all and slammed Joanna for lacking ‘compassion and humility’. 

“You made a comment as though you had no care in the world for your sister-in-law,” the wrote.  

“It was the inability to show compassion and humility that caught the attention of your followers because however close you might be now with your husband and his family, another in a very similar circumstances was suffering [sic].”

The scathing comment directed towards Joanna Burgess on Instagram. Source: Instagram

“Compassion and looking outside your circumstances is the real test of character and that post demonstrates you have neither,” the commenter fumed. 

Joanna had previously defended herself by saying, “It is not in my nature to take a dig at someone.”

“My last year’s Christmas upload I used a similar caption as it was our son’s first Christmas. This year we had our daughter join the three of us, hence it being the ‘best one yet”,” she added.

NRL star Sam Burgess and wife Phoebe are said to have called time on their marriage. Source: Getty

However, this time around the interior design student was staying quiet and instead deleted the post and turned off all comments. 

Last week Phoebe was seen to unfollow Joanna and George on Instagram with Joanna also unfollowing her not long after.

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