No one noticed this clue to the Burgess’ marriage split

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It wasn’t exactly a happy start to the year for NRL star Sam Burgess and wife Phoebe as reports revealed the pair had called time on their three-year marriage earlier this month.

Yet it seems that the pair may have actually split prior to the announcement with Phoebe leaving a telling clue on social media.

On the day after Boxing Day, the 29-year-old decided to change her Facebook profile picture from a photo of her and Sam on their wedding day to a smiling selfie of just her.

Phoebe Burgess changed her profile picture from a picture of her and Sam to a solo shot just days after Christmas. Source: Facebook/Phoebe Burgess

Phoebe had had their wedding photo as her profile picture since March 2016 which was a gorgeous shot of the pair hand-in-hand and walking down the aisle after they had just tied the knot. 

Her former profile was a shot from their wedding day in 2015. Source: Facebook/Phoebe Burgess

Prior to that were four more profile pictures that featured both her and her husband, one of which showed them smiling as they sat in the back seat of a car while another showed them on vacation.

So if her Facebook is anything to go by, Phoebe was sending the message that she is ready to go her own way after a year that saw the couple in the headlines.

Pheobe Burgess’ last four profile pictures all featured her husband Sam Burgess. Source: Facebook/Phoebe Burgess
The change suggests that perhaps the pair split earlier than it was announced in January this year. Source: Facebook/Phoebe Burgess

And this isn’t the only clue we’ve seen on social media that is making us think the pair split earlier than announced.

Sam Burgess’ family members also seemed to hint that the pair split over the festive period with a family photo that did not include Phoebe.

In fact, some fans were left wondering if Joanna Burgess might have made a slight dig at her sister-in-law after she captioned the post saying they enjoyed the best Christmas yet- despite the fact Phoebe did not attend.

Joanna posted a family photo to Instagram on Christmas Day, showing herself, Sam, George and Luke Burgess and other friends and family enjoying lunch in Watson’s Bay, Sydney.

She claimed in her caption that the “Chrissy Crew” enjoyed their “#bestoneyet.”

Meanwhile, reports claimed that the former journalist had been spending time at her parents’ house in Bowral following their decision to separate.

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