Aussie singer Peter Andre in 'absolute agony' with COVID-19

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Peter Andre has been documenting his battle with COVID-19, saying he is in ‘absolute agony’ with body aches.

The 47-year-old Mysterious Girl singer, who moved to Australia when he was six-years-old before relocating to the UK when his career took off, decided to get tested for the coronavirus last week after experiencing a cough and aches.

Peter Andrew wearing a blue jumper
Peter Andre has documented his battle with COVID-19. Photo: YouTube/Peter Andre

He took to his YouTube account to upload a video of the whole experience, saying: “One thing I will say with this virus. It makes you want to sleep, sleep , sleep.”

At the beginning of the video, Peter, who can be seen in a car with his wife, Emily Andre, and their kids, who seem to think the singer is overreacting by getting tested.

“If I was a gambling woman, I’d say you probably caught a virus from Theo and it isn’t Covid,” Emily said, referring to their four-year-old son, Theo, who had a rash and sore throat earlier in the week.


Peter Andre in a mask asleep on the couch
The singer said he experienced body aches and extreme fatigue. Photo: YouTube/Peter Andre

Peter said while he didn’t have a temperature, he had a cough and his body aches caused him to be in ‘absolute agony’.

It turns out Peter did test positive for the coronavirus, with the shocked star saying in the video: “It goes to show it could be anything. I’m incredibly grateful, hopefully it doesn’t get worse obviously, but if this is what it is, the aches, the body aches, then I’m very grateful that I’ve got this version of it. It's not pleasant but I’m very very lucky because I do have a cousin who’s still on oxygen in hospital.

Peter Andre in a white jumper
Peter Andre in isolation. Photo: YouTube/Peter Andre

Peter’s wife, Emily, battled the coronavirus last year and the NHS doctor said that after almost a year of living under lockdown restrictions in the UK, nothing seems to have changed.

Dr Emily wrote in her column in OK! magazine: “We’re in a national lockdown now and I think it’s good we’ve taken action, because things would have only got worse, but I don’t have much confidence that lockdown actually works.

"We seem to have been doing it for nearly a year and not much has changed, but that’s not to say that I know what the right thing is, and I don’t think we have many options at the moment to prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed."

Emily Andre wearing a mask
Peter Andre's wife, Emily, is an NHS doctor. Photo: Instagram/Emily Andre
Peter Andre and Emily Andre
The couple married in 2015. Photo: Instagram/Peter Andre

The mother of seven-year-old daughter Amelia and four-year-old son Theo has been working as a doctor through out the pandemic and adhering to social distancing and disinfecting guidelines.

Andre revealed during the first national lockdown: “She takes off all her clothes she has to put them in the washing machine, wrap a towel around her, get upstairs, have a shower, completely disinfect herself.

"So there is a good 20-30 minute process before she comes downstairs and before any of us can see her."

With extra reporting by Albertina Lloyd.

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