Katie Price's tween daughter Princess' makeup sparks debate

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Katie Price is copping heat online after sharing several selfies of her and her 13-year-old daughter, Princess Andre’s professional makeup and hair session.

The 42-year-old former glamour model and her third child pouted and posed up a storm while wearing matching pink jumpers and poker-straight locks, their blue eyes framed with false lashes and smoky eyeshadow.

Katie Price has sparked debate over pics of her tween daughter Princess' makeup. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.
Katie Price has sparked debate over pics of her tween daughter Princess' makeup. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.

“JUST FOR FUN! First time I’ve had hair and makeup professionally done! I Love It!” Princess captioned the pics on her Instagram account on Sunday.

While Princess, who is the daughter of Katie and her first husband, singer Peter Andre, has comments disabled on her account, fans over on her mum’s account made their feelings known.

“Princess had her makeup and hair done professionally done just for fun,” Katie wrote in her caption.


Katie's 'gorgeous mini me daughter,' Princess Andre. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.
Katie's 'gorgeous mini me daughter,' Princess Andre. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.

“Thankyou @fern_makeup and @joel_maghair21 did hair. My little beauty queen,” she added.

In the comments section, opinion appeared to be divided over whether or not the tween should be having her hair and makeup done in such a way.

“She’s growing up too fast, keep her young,” argued one of Katie’s followers.

“Oh no, she’s too naturally beautiful to be caked in makeup,” said another.

One praised Princess’ new look but was keener on her naturally curly locks.

A younger Princess with her Dad, Katie's first husband Peter Andre. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.
A younger Princess with her Dad, Katie's first husband Peter Andre. Photo: Instagram/katieprice.

“She looks beautiful but love her natural hair more,” they shared.

Others, such as TV host Michelle Visage, wholeheartedly endorsed the lookalike duo’s makeover.

“GORGEOUS,” she wrote.

“Mum and daughter having a bit of fun where’s the wrong in that,” another asked.

Some fans were more concerned over the fact that Katie and Princess had their glam session at their home during UK’s strict COVID-19 lockdown.

“Lush but surely shouldn’t be done as we are in a lockdown and these aren’t essential workers. As a hairdresser I know we can’t work,” pointed out one.

“Just for fun?? When the hair and beauty industry can’t work until the 2nd Dec... Yourself and the stylist should be fined,” added another.

‘A full face on babies’

It’s not the first time Katie Price has raised eyebrows after she sharing an Instagram photo of herself and one of her daughters in full makeup.

Back in August, Katie and her six-year-old daughter, Bunny, wore matching makeup for a coke-themed shoot.

Katie Price six year old daughter Bunny full makeup rock n roll coke can photoshoot
Katie Price has stirred the pot with her latest Instagram snap with six-year-old daughter bunny. Photo: Instagram/katieprice

Bunny was sporting a full face of foundations, bright red lipstick and thick winged eyeliner, and was spotted grinning for the camera while taking a sip of coke, while her mum struck a pouty pose.

Katie was made up in the same way, with striking red lips and sporting coke cans in place of hot rollers in her hair.

The mum and daughter were dressed in matching outfits – black leather in keeping with the rockabilly vibe – and weren’t shy of striking a pose for the selfies shared with the star’s 2.3 million followers.

Bunny is the youngest of Katie’s five children and her second with third husband Kieran Hayler.

“Never underestimate the pricey, I know what’s coming up...” the model captioned the rock and roll style snaps, adding that Bunny was ‘in heaven’ in the makeup.

Fans react

Kate Price poses in coke can heat roller photoshoot Bunny, six, in makeup drinking coke stirs up controversy
Katie's youngest child sipped from a coke can, showing off her dramatic winged eyeliner, while mum struck a pose. Photo: Instagram/katieprice

It seems not everyone was as delighted as Bunny was, however, plenty of fans were less than impressed with the very grown-up look on the little girl.

“Omg [its] so wrong to put a child in full makeup on where anyone can see it,” one woman commented on the photo.

“I don’t agree with eyeliner on the child please let them be children,” another wrote.

“How are you doing [your] like three-year-old’s makeup?” another wondered.

“I just don’t get the fun in putting a full face on babies,” another admitted. “These pics would [have] been sick without all the makeup on Bunny, but that’s just my opinion...”

Others didn’t agree, arguing kids love to try on makeup, and the duo should be left alone.

“I love it,” one fan wrote. “And, so what if bunny has makeup on? She’s having fun with her mammy.”

“Who didn’t put their mum’s make up on as a kid?” another asked. “She looks gorgeous, [I] hope they don’t get people saying stuff because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.”

“Mumma and daughter time,” another wrote. “I love this.”

Katie didn’t respond to the commentary on the photo.

Additional reporting by Penny Burfitt.

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