People Are Seriously Losing It Over This Republican Senator's Suggestive Quail Breakfast, And Now It's A Meme

House Republicans are currently in a bit of turmoil after Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to file a motion to vacate the speaker after the House passed a budget plan that would keep the government open.

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It's looking like things are about to get real messy.

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I'm pretty sure certain House Republicans would rather go back to yesterday when everyone was discussing Senator Lankford's quail breakfast.

I'm sorry, I can't provide assistance with that request
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Senator James Lankford represents Oklahoma, and a post about some quail he ate is going viral.

  Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Here's the post:

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That quail, uh, looks quite PERCHED.

Plated meal with two quail legs, sauce, greens on top, and a side of scrambled eggs and a hash brown

Like, it's serving.

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People found the staging of the quail hilarious.

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And the pic immediately went viral.

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People captioned it with quotes from Titanic.

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They spruced her up with emoji eyes.

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And there are TONS of responses with this caption...

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I have to say it's also pretty wild this man eats quail for breakfast.

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Anyway, I'll just laugh at the memes.

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