Jennifer Lopez's Blunt Reaction To A Question About Her Met Gala Dress Has Sparked A Lotttttttt Of Opinions

Jennifer Lopez's Blunt Reaction To A Question About Her Met Gala Dress Has Sparked A Lotttttttt Of Opinions

People are once again talking about Jennifer Lopez after she was accused of being "rude" and "dismissive" to a Met Gala reporter.

Jennifer Lopez wearing a fur coat, sitting at a microphone surrounded by flowers
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On Monday, the singer attended the event in a crystal-covered naked dress and a large diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co.

Jennifer Lopez in an embellished, form-fitting gown with a plunging neckline and feather accents at an event
Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

She had been walking up the steps to the Met when USA Today reporter Anika Reed called out to ask about the designer of her dress.

Jennifer Lopez in a sparkling gown with a deep neckline, hair in a bun, standing on steps with greenery
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"Who are you wearing tonight?" Anika wondered. "Schiaparelli," Jennifer said curtly while looking away from her.

Closeup of Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala
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Jennifer didn't share any additional comments or details about the gown. She just kept walking before excitedly greeting someone off-camera when she reached the top of the steps.

Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala
Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

The clip received thousands of likes and comments on TikTok with viewers debating if her response was rude or not.

"Ew, was that rude to anybody else?!?!?" one viewer wondered.

The image shows a social media comment by the user 'theeblacktokyo' expressing disapproval, asking if something was rude

"The way she said it," another wrote. "Like Schiaparelli... you peasant."

Comment on social media post: "The way she said it. Like Schiaparelli, you peasant." 67.9K likes

A third viewer commented, "The up & down stare is crazyyyy."

User 'meelanyy' comments on a post: "The up & down stare is crazzyyy" with a high engagement

While this person called the response "so dismissive."

Screenshot of a social media comment by user "KNVB0907" saying "So dismissive." with a reply button and an indicator of 6 likes from 2 days ago

"Jlo they could never make me like you!!" another person mused.

Comment by username 'theynotlikeeve' praising JLo with a crying face emoji; has 142.2K likes

At the same time, some defended the singer, saying she'd simply answered the reporter's question.

"Jlo gives me she direct to the point personality. What's wrong with that?" one user wondered.

Text in image: Tiffany Taylor comments on JLo's personality, finding it direct and appreciates it, questioning what's wrong with that

"Jlo doesn't mind being a b and I love that about her!" someone else said.

Comment on social media praising JLo's character, highlighted by user CarrotPiss with 50 likes

What do you all make of the clip? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.