18 People Shared The Weirdest (And Sometimes Creepiest) Dating App Messages They've Ever Gotten

This week, Reddit user u/WarmSlice1885 posed the question: "People who use dating apps, what is the weirdest message you've gotten to start a conversation?"

Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1."A friend got the message 'Wow, your eyes could start a cult.'"


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2."What is your credit score?"


3."I was on Bumble and got asked my Myers-Briggs personality type. When I responded, she unmatched me immediately. Gotta respect the hustle."


4."I had my job title and company on my profile, which back then was an administrative/management job for a UK parcel company. A girl messaged me asking if I could track her parcel for her. I didn’t know if she was joking or not but she just kept asking me weird things about parcels and then blocked me."


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5."I was on hinge for a while and saw someone had 'can’t text/call/meet on weekends because I’m in jail.' I thought this was a joke. It was not. She was doing time on the weekend for assault."


6."Her first message was, 'I guess you’ll do.'"


7."Where's the nearest KFC to you, because Friday nights are for chicken 'n' dickin'."


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8."I once got an opening message that said something like, 'You might not be the prettiest girl on here, but beauty is only a light switch away.' This was over 10 years ago, and I bet that dude is still single."


9."'I want my wife to have your eyes.' I don’t think it was meant like that, but my first thought was that the dude wanted to cut out my eyeballs."


10."'You're cute. Hate dogs though.' (I had my very cute dog in a photo.)"


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11."A woman texted me on Bumble 'fight me.' It was the weirdest but funniest first message I ever received."


12."After matching with a girl, she messaged me first with 'Meow.' That's all she sent — no context, no reference to cats in either of our profiles, no follow-up to it. I was left completely bewildered and confused. I didn't know how to respond to being meowed at so I just unmatched and went about my day."


13."Back in college, I got an opener from this girl saying, 'I really wish they taught us more about Vikings in school, you know? Like I feel that's a big topic we just overlooked.' It was fucking weird, but I bit. Went on a couple of dates. She was a total weirdo, but certainly not boring."


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14."I once had a guy ask me my thoughts about lizard people. He mentioned it in his profile, and I thought it was a joke because it's such a bonkers conspiracy. Who the fuck could actually believe it? So I matched with him. And turns out he was very, very serious about it."


15."Last week I got 'I like your long torso.'"


16."A woman asked me what I did for a living, which is a normal question. But her follow-up question was, 'And how much do you earn doing that?' Hard pass."


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17."A long time ago on Plentyoffish, a guy told me that I was gorgeous but a 2/10 because my elbows were too pointy. I didn't know it was a meme at the time, so I just said 'okay' and never messaged him again."


18.And finally, "I was the weird one. I’d start off commenting about something in the background of a picture. If I couldn’t think of something funny I’d just say, 'How do you feel about geese?' Most people have strong opinions."


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What's the weirdest opening line on a dating app that you've gotten? Share in the comments below!

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.