People can't get over Emirates’ ‘diamond covered’ plane

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

The internet is going crazy after Emirates airline posted a picture of a plane covered in diamonds and crystals.

The Emirates ‘Bling’ 777 – which most took as a reference to the Boeing 777 aircraft – was pictured alongside baggage carts and shuttle bus vehicles, an otherwise everyday travel image aside from the plane’s spectacular embellishment.

A Boeing 777 plane is 63.7 metres or 73.9 metres long, depending on the model – meaning a whole lot of precious gems would be needed to cover it.

The plane appears to be a Boeing 777 covered in diamonds. [Photo: Twitter/@emirates]

Not surprisingly, people were freaking out on Twitter in reaction to United Arab Emirates’ based airline’s post.

Some accused the airline of ‘showing off’, while others were simply concerned about whether the plane would be able to take off.

Others were sceptical about whether it was real or not.

As it turns out, the post is actually an artwork created by award winning crystal artist Sara Shakeel and posted on her Instagram account.

Earlier today, she posted an image of a plane wing flying above a crystal-studded cloud.

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