People Are Revealing The Modern "Wedding Trends" That Will NOT Last, And I'm Afraid They're Right

Recently, Redditor u/stress789 asked, "What wedding trends of today do you think will eventually be dated?" Reddit users chimed in with the popular "wedding aesthetics" they think will become outdated rather than timeless. Here's what they had to say:

1."Acrylic signs."


Sign among greenery reads, "Welcome to our beginning"
Gorkem Yorulmaz / Getty Images / iStockphoto

2."I’m seeing a lot of '70s-inspired wedding looks these days, and I think it’s going to look the way the early 2010s boho/hipster vibe looks to us now."


3."Pampas grass and triangle arches. Boho dresses."


"I can't wait for pampas grass to be a thing of the past… that's expensive for being dead, dry weeds."


A beautifully decorated wedding sweetheart table with elegant floral arrangements, gold accents, and nature-inspired details
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4."Tombstones everywhere. The arches, the table numbers, the menus."


5."The neon signs, especially of the newlywed's last names."


Neon sign reading "You & Me" surrounded by floral arrangements, suitable for wedding decor
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6."The rustic look, specifically a geometric, wooden-shaped altar with some flower attached to it."


"I never understood the geometric arches. I mean, everyone should do what they want, but at NO POINT in this process did I think, 'You know what my ceremony REALLY needs? The ability to stand inside a hexagon!'"


7."Donut walls."


Donut bar display at a wedding with a sign saying "Donut Mind If 'I Do'" and various donuts on pegs. Stacked plates and lit candles nearby
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8."Design/decor: The cursive font, marquee letters, neon signs, film cameras on tables, and Y2K/'70s design elements."


9."In terms of dresses, I think the more form-fitting, lace style will be dated (but that is also what I got, so no hate). In terms of rings, the solitaire cut and pave band are both very trendy, so I can see those being dated. Diamonds, in general, are also becoming less popular, so we may see a shift to a nondiamond ring, which is more common."


A woman in a lace wedding dress stands outdoors, holding her skirt and looking at the camera. The image is categorized as Weddings. Names are unknown
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10."I hate the beige/white/tan aesthetic. Most people I know that choose this do so because they think it's 'timeless.' I just find it boring 😴. To each their own, but I'm definitely a bold design/color girly."


11."Mismatched bridesmaids dresses. I love the idea of everyone being comfortable in styles they like, and I will adopt the trend for my next wedding next year. But something tells me the trend won't vanish but will die drastically."


Bridesmaids hold small floral bouquets in a wedding procession, wearing varied styles of elegant gowns with intricate details and embellishments
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12."I'm actually surprised the cursive 'bridesmaid' font hasn't died off yet. I hate that font."


13."The bare/minimal icing wedding cakes! I think they're cute, but it's a trend and will probably look dated in photos."


A close-up of a tiered wedding cake with minimal frosting, decorated with pink roses and greenery, surrounded by wedding guests
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14."On wedding dresses: The tops that look like lingerie. Super cute if that's your style, but in a few years, it'll be so dated."


"Corset-style dresses are the 2020s version of the '80s/'90s poofy-sleeve trend."


15."Bows. While they're pretty, and I'm actually planning on a few bow things for my wedding next year, I think this trend will be done within the next few years. I can see people thinking it looks too young or something."


Row of wedding chairs with pink satin bows tied on the backs
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16."Desaturated photos. The ones where the colors aren't true, or there's so much white light to make everyone look ethereal."

"Also, the dresses with fabric appliqués all over them."


17."Blurry film photos."


Bride and groom share their first dance in a rustic venue with blurred guests watching in the background. Bride wears a flowing gown, and groom is in a suit
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18."All those mirror sign seating charts since they're difficult to read."


19."The washed-out pastel color schemes, especially sage or mint green. Shades of rusty orange are also big now, especially for fall weddings, and I don't think it always will be the case."


Gold-plated cutlery wrapped in lace ribbon on a blue napkin, with a white plate and floral decorations, suitable for a wedding table setting
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20."Gloves and pearls. The oval diamond on a thin gold band. Confused as to why so many people say it's timeless because it's clearly a hallmark of 2020s rings."


21."Something I'm including in my wedding that I'm sure will be dated soon: Alternative bouquets."

"I'm doing a LEGO bouquet. I see crochet bouquets are becoming more popular, but honestly, I think it's one of those things like themed weddings where some people will always do it, but it won't be as common as it is now."


A close-up of a white and green wedding bouquet lies on a wooden dock by the water
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22."I hope the extravagance dies out. My heart aches for these couples spending upper five and six figures mostly for the aesthetic, and then, they come back here and post about everything that went wrong."


And finally...

23."I have so many thoughts! Champagne towers. Everyone wearing colored sunglasses and glow sticks. The drop/baroque-waist wedding dresses. Eucalyptus. Sparkler exits."

"The fake handwriting font, and similarly, the elongated cursive everyone uses. Bud vases. Wedding hair that's down with the two pieces near the ears pinned back, and similarly, Hollywood waves. Oval rings with a gold band (guilty, lol!). The notes for everyone at their place setting. Wedding gloves and puffy sleeves. Embroidered veils/dresses. Disco balls! OK. That's all I can think of."


A joyful bride in a wedding dress and groom in a bow tie are surrounded by guests holding sparklers during the night
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What are some other "wedding aesthetics" that you think will become outdated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.