Pat Sajak Flustered as 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Scrambles to Answer

Pat Sajak reacts after 'WoF' contestants prematurely celebrate an incorrect answer. ABOVE: Pat Sajak on set of 'Wheel of Fortune' game show.

Pat Sajak's professionalism on-camera was once again tested as a Wheel of Fortune contestant's guess left everyone confused–and even a little frustrated.

The incident happened during the episode that aired on May 27, which saw contestants Cynthia King, Rufus Cumberlander, and Luidgi Altidor battle it out for first place.

As the trio tried their best to solve Monday's toss-up puzzle, which read, "_ _N'_ _ _K A_ _Y," not one but all three players got a little ahead of themselves.

Moments after the puzzle debuted, Rufus jumped in with his response, exclaiming, "Don't Look Away!"

Cynthia and Luidgi then turned to their competitor, fist-bumping and congratulating him. Unfortunately, the three contestants were so preoccupied celebrating that they didn't realize Sajak was shouting, "No! No! No!"

As Sajak, 77, tried to grab their attention, the game went on with the puzzle continuing to populate letters.

It wasn't until the final buzzer clicked that the players realized their mistake–which was pretty ironic, considering Rufus' guess.

"Everybody's congratulating everybody," Sajak told the camera, before joking, "And, we get to keep the money!"

While the studio audience roared with laughter, online viewers sung a different tune.

"No one listens anymore," one X (formerly Twitter) user suggested in part.

"Man, I love Pat Sajak. The dude's been doing this forever, but sometimes you can just see he's had enough of the nonsense," a second shared.

"It was at this moment...they realize they really messed up," a YouTuber said of the contestants' faces at the buzzer. "ROYALLY. On National TV.'s gone viral."

The premature celebration is one of the many clips from this season that have gone viral, ensuring Sajak's last year of hosting the long-running game show really goes out with a bang.

Last week, another contestant took the internet by storm after he also jumped too conclusions and let a rather naughty guess slip out on TV.

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