Pat Sajak Boldly Shuts Down Contestants’ Wrong Answers on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ During Last Week

Pat Sajak

As Pat Sajak gears up to leave Wheel of Fortune after decades as host, the 77-year-old appeared to be in a happy, playful mood during one of his last episodes as he strongly shut down contestants' bad answers.

The Wheel of Fortune episode on Wednesday, June 6 featured a few funny moments between Sajak and the contestants, with JP Welliver, Allison Willis and Nonie Lewis competing for some great prizes.

At one point, Lewis was on the verge of solving a puzzle in the Food & Drink category, feeling confident after she landed on $3500 on the wheel. Sajak seemed just as excited for her, and when she said "I would like to solve, Pat!" he replied, "What do you got?"

Unfortunately, she guessed "Supergood Smoothie" while the correct answer was "Superfood Smoothie," and as soon as the words were out of her mouth, Sajak shouted, "No!" before adding, "I'm so sorry. It's not correct."

Fans enjoyed the funny moment, with one viewer sharing a clip with the comment, "Have you ever had a smoothie that was just so good you might call it SUPERGOOD? #WheelofFortune."

Quite a few fans shared support for Lewis, such as someone who admitted, "I honestly prob woulda guessed that myself haha."

But this wasn't the only time during the episode that Sajak's personality showed in his reactions, as he also hilariously called out Willis' wrong guess during the bonus round.

Willis got a bunch of letters for the puzzle, which was in the Things category, leading to guesses from the contestant like "Boats And..." and "Coats And Hangers."

As the timer ran out, revealing the answer as "Facts And Figures," Sajak cheekily said, "You were so not close," causing the audience and Willis to break out in laughter. Thankfully, Willis found this comforting, saying, "I'd rather that be the case."

"I know, 'cause then you don't have to kick yourself for that," Sajak replied, before referring to his joke as he said, "I knew you'd like that."

Fans are sure to miss fun moments like this with Sajak after he hands over hosting duties to Ryan Seacrest, who will fill the role after Sajak officially retires.

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