Paris Venue Responds to Baffling Photos of Baby on the Floor at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Taylor Swift performs onstage during night four of "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at La Defense on May 12, 2024, in Paris, France.

When photos of a baby lying on the ground at one of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concerts in Paris started circulating online, social media users were outraged. And now, the venue has issued a response.

A spokesperson for La Défense Arena issued a statement to Page Six, noting the “general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that all minors (without any age limit) holding a ticket for a concert at Paris La Défense arena must be accompanied by an adult."

The message continued: "Under 18 children remain under their legal guardian responsibility, it’s venue policy. For spectators with a young child in the floor, an alternative seating arrangement has been proposed but refused by ticket holders.”

In pictures shared by a concertgoer via social media, an infant lay on the ground on a blanket while wearing a light-up bracelet and protective ear coverings. An adult, presumably a parent, stood protectively over the baby near their legs. Next to the baby was a bag of Swift concert merch and other people standing nearby.

One Twitter user who shared the controversial photos declared, "get ur baby off the floor and GO HOME."

Another person wrote, "…literally no words. hold your damn child," while someone else commented, "All it takes is one misstep….. this angers me, idk why a parent would think this is ok!"

Meanwhile, yet another Twitter user shared, "I have a baby and I couldn’t imagine bringing him to the PIT let alone setting him ON THE FLOOR???!! Like hold him???"

Someone else declared, "I hope someone called social services."

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