Osher Günsberg misses son's birthday in coronavirus lockdown

Osher Günsberg has revealed that he missed his son Wolfie's first birthday due to the current coronavirus restrictions in place in Melbourne, where he’s currently shooting The Masked Singer 2020.

The busy TV presenter, 46, shared the news during a guest appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention? on Monday night.

Osher Günsberg with his son Wolfie
Osher Günsberg has revealed he missed his son's first birthday due to coronavirus lockdown. Photo: Instagram/osher_gunsberg.

Appearing via video link due to Victoria’s strict Stage 4 lockdown laws, the dad-of-two was mid-conversation with host Tom Gleisner when he was interrupted by an incoming call.

“Oh, hang on, my wife’s FaceTiming me right now!” Osher exclaimed.

“It’s dinner time with our infant son whose first birthday I’m missing to do this,” he explained.

Osher and his wife, Audrey Griffen, welcomed baby boy Wolfgang — or Wolfie for short — in August 2019.

The couple, who met on the set of The Bachelor and married in 2016, also co-parent 15-year-old daughter Georgia from Audrey’s previous relationship.

While Osher is working in COVID-stricken Melbourne, it’s believed that Audrey and their kids are living in the family home in Sydney.


Audrey Griffen with her children, Wolfie and Georgia.
Osher shares Wolfie and Georgia with wife Audrey Griffen. Photo: Instagram/audreygriffen.

In a chat on Monday morning with KISS FM radio hosts Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ — who also appears as a judge on The Masked Singer — the former Channel [V] star admitted that he was ‘missing physical contact’.

“I’m away from my wife and kids, mate, I’m missing anyone touching me,” he laughed.

Kyle went on to joke that Osher and Jackie were ‘putting their lives on the line’ to be a part of the show amid the state’s devastating coronavirus ‘second wave’.

“To get serious for a minute, we can’t let this happen in Sydney. There’s army marching in the streets... I have to carry papers with me in case I get pulled over so I can prove why I’m not in my house,” Osher replied.

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