Who From the Original 'Happy Gilmore' Cast Will Be Back for the Sequel?

Adam Sandler in 'Happy Gilmore'

Happy Gilmore is swinging his way back onto our screens!

Netflix announced a Happy Gilmore sequel at its second Upfront presentation. Adam Sandler, who played the titular golf legend in the 1996 film and co-wrote the sports comedy, is set to reprise his iconic role for the new movie.

Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin in the original film, revealed on The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima in March of 2024 that a sequel was in the works, and that Sandler had already shown him a first draft.

Not long after, Sandler appeared on The Dan Patrick Show during which he recalled telling McDonald: "I said, 'Dude, we’ve been talking about a Happy 2 and we’re working on some stuff.' That's all I told Shooter. I said, 'But don’t tell anybody. Don't tell anybody.'"

Sandler shared at the time that they had "some good ideas" for the movie. He said, "Me and [Tim] Herlihy are diligently trying to make a good reason for everyone to...watch and have a good time. Netflix is excited about it. So we're working on it."

While we await the return of the 1996 Tour Championship winner, here is everything we know about Happy Gilmore 2.

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How to watch Happy Gilmore 2?

The Happy Gilmore sequel will stream on Netflix.

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What is the Happy Gilmore 2 release date?

No word yet on when we can expect Happy's return to the green. Check back for updates!

Who is in the Happy Gilmore 2 cast?

So far, Netflix has only confirmed that Sandler will reprise his role as Happy Gilmore.

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What will happen in Happy Gilmore 2?

Netflix has yet to reveal details about the sequel. Sandler told Dan Patrick in April of 2024 that they had "a million ideas already," adding, "We just got to make it a movie and make sure we're excited about people, you know, enjoying it. It's important. It's important. We love Happy Gilmore. We don't want to let anybody down. "

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