Oreo Is Releasing a Limited-Edition Cookie Made With Sour Patch Kids — Here's When You Can Get It

It's a little sour and a little sweet, and a whole lot of fun.

<p>Food & Wine / Mondelēz International</p>

Food & Wine / Mondelēz International

Oreo is getting a little sweeter, a little more sour, and a whole lot more mischievous with its new, limited-edition collaboration.

On Wednesday, Oreo confirmed it's rolling out a new cookie with Sour Patch Kids baked right inside.

"The Oreo brand is always looking for playful ways to excite our fans. What better and more unexpected way to do that than letting Sour Patch Kids playfully takeover our cookie," Caroline Suppiger, Oreo's senior associate brand manager, shared in a statement.

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The team at Sour Patch Kids is equally as excited.

“The opportunity to partner with our friends at the Oreo brand to create a mischievous twist on a classic cookie was one we just couldn’t pass up," Grace Howard, the innovation brand manager at Sour Patch Kids, said. "We are both so excited to see the fan reaction to this sour-then-sweet limited-edition cookie."

The cookie's look is as playful as you'd expect, with cream-colored cookies and colorful flecks of Sour Patch Kids included, sandwiching creme in the middle that comes with even more Sour Patch Kids too, which the brands say creates "a sweet yet sour taste."

But hang on, there's more to this collaboration than just the cookie.

The two companies also announced they are dropping a limited-edition merch line to "celebrate coming together." The line includes a matching crewneck and a pair of joggers that make  wha the duo call the perfect “snack suit." The line also includes a bucket hat that the companies say will be your "go-to" for summer, along with a crossbody bag where you can store all your Oreo Sour Patch Kids cookies, and two cute accessories; the hair clip and a pair of socks.

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If you want these cookies, and the merch, you better act fast. They will only be available while supplies last, and pre-sales have already begun at OREO.com/sourpatchkids. The cookies will then hit shelves across America on May 6. Of course, if you miss out on finding a box of your own, you can always buy some Golden Oreos and a box of Sour Patch Kids and eat them at the same time. It wouldn't be the same, but it would be fun.

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