OnlyFans star reveals surprising secret reasons why men pay for sex in 2024

There are six main reasons men are paying for sex according to a top Aussie escort.

There are six main reasons why men are paying for sex in 2024. Photo: Getty
There are six main reasons why men are paying for sex in 2024. Photo: Getty

An OnlyFans star who took home the top award for Best Female Escort at the 2024 Australian Adult Industry Awards has lifted the lid on why she thinks men still pay for sex in 2024, even in the age of modern-day dating apps and casual relationships, after chatting with her paying clients and seeing what they had to say.

Katija Cortez, 28, has established herself as one of Australia's top escorts and OnlyFans stars: she's an adult content creator, a businesswoman, and the proud owner of three university degrees, and is now earning more than what she previously strived for in the realm of accounting.

She recently lifted the lid on why men are paying for sex in 2024, despite the prominence of dating apps and the rise of casual relationships and situationships.

In Katija's experience, there are six main reasons men are still paying for sex and a lot of it revolves around ease, expectations, effort, and attachment.

"Reason number one is time," Katija said. "I think we often forget how much work is involved with trying to sleep with someone out ‘in the wild’. You either have to spend an abundance of time on apps or in bars. If you're horny right now and you have a busy schedule, you might not have the luxury of time at your disposal to wine and dine different girls, or spend time flicking through the hundreds of girls on the dating apps. Even if you do, there isn't always the guarantee of getting lucky."

Katija Cortez. Photo:
Katija Cortez. Photo:


“A lot of my clients are businessmen or have busy schedules. They often don't have time to meet girls because they're always working or travelling," she continued. " Especially if you may only be in town for one or two nights on business. Many clients like the ability of locking in an hour at a set time on a set day, which allows them to plan their schedules more efficiently.”

Although some effort is still required to arrange a meeting with an escort, the effort involved is a more direct, transactional, and straight-forward approach.

"Reason number two is effort," Katija said. "Booking an escort cuts out the ‘long game’ men generally need to partake in when courting a woman in a social or public setting, especially when multiple dates are involved. With an escort, men are paying for a service where there is essentially a mutual understanding of what is about to happen."

escort Katija in yellow bikini
Katija said men could see hiring an escort as a more 'straight-forward' approach when wanting something casual. Photo:

The OnlyFans star then said, perhaps surprisingly, reason number three is money, with some men saying it's cheaper to pay for guaranteed sex from an escort every now and then than it is to date, pick up girls 'out in the wild', or wining and dining after meeting on apps.

Katija also said sometimes men just want no-strings-attached fun and some men are wary about leading women on if they're just after something casual. "I've had plenty of clients who are absolute 10/10s and sometimes I can't help but say, 'You're a pretty good-looking bloke. Surely you'd have no issues picking up girls and not paying for sex?'. Their reply almost always goes something like, 'Yeah that's true, but I don't want to lead someone on'," she shared.


Katija also believes that delving into sexual kinks and fetishes is another reason why men specifically choose to pay for an escort, because it's a judgement-free zone when it comes to experimenting and that she hopes eventually sexual fetishes become less taboo over time.

pink fluffy handcuffs
Some men prefer to pay escorts to explore kinks and fetishes. Photo: Getty

Last, but not least, Katija noted that unfaithfulness was also a big reason why men pay for sex workers.

"Men who are married or who have girlfriends commonly use escorts as it is a lot more discreet than having an affair," she said. "There is no emotional attachment when it’s paid, so a lot of men do not even view it as being cheating when it’s purely transactional.”

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