OnlyFans creator earns over $30k a month being an 'online girlfriend'

An X-rated creator has opened up about how she juggles her real-life relationship while offering an 'online girlfiend' service.

OnlyFans creator Sharna Beckman in orange dress
OnlyFans creator Sharna. Photo:

In the current digital age where Artificial Intelligence appears to be infiltrating one industry after another, top-earning OnlyFans creator Sharna Beckman is embracing the perks of the internet to provide many men with a service that a robot can’t replace - the Online Girlfriend Experience.

“An online girlfriend experience is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s everything that you would get within a relationship, but online. My service on my platform includes daily messages, one one-on-one calls, pictures and videos of what I’m doing throughout the day, and sexting. This is more of a personal experience for my clients to get to know me better and get the inside of my life," Sharna explained.

A typical ‘Day In The Life’ for Sharna as an Online Girlfriend starts from the moment she wakes up in the morning, and can include various activities and updates scheduled throughout the day, and into the night.

“A day in the life for the online girlfriend experience would start off with a good morning message, and include a cute pic. I send out personalised voice notes and mini-vids throughout the day to show what I am up to, and if an online date is scheduled I would then jump on a call. These normally go for about 10-30 mins, and then at night I would have a sexting session that includes live photos & videos.”

The online girlfriend experience is currently raking in a minimum income of $33,000 AU a month for Sharna, making up only a small part of the six-figure income she usually makes from OnlyFans. The service has been so popular amongst her subscribers, she's had to put a hold on the Online Girlfriend enquiries as she's reached capacity.

Sharna Beckman poses in black cut out dress and bikini
Sharna Beckman makes over $30,000 providing an Online Girlfriend Experience. Photo:


“I currently have 15 online boyfriends. This is my maximum monthly limit as it can become very overwhelming trying to keep up with them all! I charge $1,500 USD per month and if they are wanting longer online dates they will tip more as the time goes on.”

Playing the role of the ‘dream’ girlfriend, albeit online, to 15 different men is basically a full-time job. However, Sharna is also juggling her relationship with her long-term, IRL partner Ricky.

“When I first came up with the idea of creating this service, my boyfriend Ricky was a bit concerned. We had a deep conversation about what was going to be involved, and he had a better understanding that for me it is not a personal experience and I do not form relationships with these men. He trusts me and knows that it is purely for work.”

Ricky said he initially had doubts, but said he always lets Sharna know if any feelings of jealousy arise.

“At the start of Sharna starting this service, I definitely did have my doubts, and I guess I had some jealousy. Although I'm always reassured by her, I make it clear when I do have these feelings come up,” Ricky said.

Sharna and her boyfriend Ricky
Sharna and her boyfriend Ricky. Photo: Supplied

Sharna admits that there is definitely a juggle in managing all the ‘boyfriends’ in her life, and her relationship with Ricky has to be prioritised above all.

“It is a lot to juggle having these online boyfriends and having a real-life boyfriend. My priority is my relationship, and we are both hard working people who manage to separate work and our relationship by making time for each other. If either one of us is feeling down, we drop everything,' Sharna shared.

She also said boundaries were important when it came to navigating this lifestyle. "If Ricky was to feel uncomfortable about the service I provide, I would stop it. But I think because I give him so much reassurance and we do have boundaries it just works for us," Sharna said.


As for Ricky, he puts it all down to trust and communication for the continuing success of their relationship.

"I don’t think OnlyFans is for everyone. People have their different opinions and judgement. I think if you have enough trust and communication you can make it work, and it all comes down to that," he said.

“At the end of the day I know the real Sharna. As long as it doesn’t come between us or changes her feelings towards me, then I am happy.”

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