"But I Only Want To Do It With You": Nicole Kidman Opened Up About What It's Like To Play Zac Efron's Lover...Again

In case you didn't know, Netflix just dropped a new film in which Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron fall for each other.

Nicole Kidman, wearing black sunglasses and a fitted black dress, smiles at an event
Nicole Kidman, wearing black sunglasses and a fitted black dress, smiles at an event
Zac Efron at an event wearing a stylish plaid suit with a black shirt
Zac Efron at an event wearing a stylish plaid suit with a black shirt

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A Family Affair debuted on the streaming service Friday and chronicles writer Brooke (Nicole Kidman) as she unexpectedly finds herself romantically growing fond of movie star Chris (Zac Efron), who coincidentally happens to be her daughter Zara (Joey King)'s boss. Woah!

In the first frame, Joey King lies on the floor looking upwards. In the second frame, Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman, in disheveled states, inspect something closely
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Notably, this isn't the first time that Zac and Nicole have played lovers.

Nicole Kidman, in a chic black ensemble with gold jewelry, and Zac Efron, in a grey suit, are sitting together in an elegant setting, smiling at the camera
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In fact, they recently opened up in an interview with People about reuniting to give (scripted) love another go.

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron sit closely in an elegant setting, sharing a warm moment. Nicole wears a chic black blazer, and Zac sports a grey suit
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In 2012, the two actors co-starred together in the 1960s-set Lee Daniels film The Paperboy, in which Zac played a young man with his eye on a mysterious older woman, played by Nicole.

  Millennium Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection
Millennium Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection

"We had so much fun doing that, but it was crazy," Zac told People about filming The Paperboy. He also added that he remains "so enamored" with the Oscar winner. "There's a part of me that pinches myself when I realize who I'm working with a lot," he told the publication. "I think that was more pronounced during The Paperboy because I was a lot younger. I was very nervous back then."

Zac Efron in a black tuxedo and Nicole Kidman in a one-shoulder gown at "Paperboy" premiere
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Given their cinematic history together, Nicole noted that shooting intimate scenes in A Family Affair was "easy."

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in a grocery store scene, with Zac gently touching Nicole's hair
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"It's really helpful when you're doing this sort of work together that you've already got a history together, because it's easy," she told the publication. "You're not working to create a history. So I'm not like, 'Can I touch you?' I feel incredibly trusting of Zac."

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Nicole can't help but sing Zac's praises because she also told Netflix's Tudum in an article published Friday that the two spoke about reuniting for the film ahead of time. "We talked on the phone about this film," she said. "And we both said, 'But I only want to do it with you.'"

Nicole Kidman on a red carpet, wearing a strapless dress and a statement choker necklace
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"And when that gets said, you go, 'OK, well then, this is kind of kismet, so that means we're in a good place," she continued.

Context from the article suggests the image features Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman. Both are walking and holding hands at night in an elegant urban setting
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If that won't convince you to watch the movie, what will? If you've already seen A Family Affair, let us know what you think of Nicole and Zac's major reunion in the comments below!

  Tina Rowden/Netflix © 2024
Tina Rowden/Netflix © 2024