Breaking Down the Surprise Time Jump Ending to Netflix's 'A Family Affair'

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Yep, Time to Break Down 'A Family Affair'

How exciting is it that Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Joey King and Liza Koshy are in netflix's new romantic comedy, A Family Affair? But before you get too excited and want to read ahead, please be warned that there are spoilers galore, so proceed with caution.

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The Richard LaGravenese-directed film sees King as an assistant to Efron, who plays himself a self-obsessed movie star with a habit of treating others like hot garbage. So when he and Kidman inevitably strike a passionate bond in the movie, several wild—and hilarious—shenanigans ensue. To find out the rest of the juicy details, read on to see what happens to all the characters in the end.

Let's Go Back (Back to the Beginning)

The start of A Family Affair sees King's character, Zara Ford, feeling disgruntled in her life and budding career in the film and production industry. She starts out as an assistant to popular movie star Chris Cole (Zac Efron), and after running late from a meeting with a screenwriter for his upcoming Icarus Rush movie—a script that's so bad it needs re-writing, yikes—Chris locks her out of his home on purpose. Zara then quits because of his bad behavior and failed promises to eventually promote her, though he swears he fired her (typical male behavior!).

After struggling to complete basic chores without Zara's help, Chris decides to go to her house to apologize and give her her job back. Instead, he comes across her widowed mother and published author, Brooke Harwood (Kidman). Chris insists on waiting for Zara to come back, and Brooke offers him tequila. Too many shots later, they hook up and Zara, naturally, walks in on both of them in the act—she ends up going to the hospital after ramming her head into the wall from transparent disbelief. Chris ultimately does give Zara the job back, promoting her to associate producer to work on the upcoming Icarus Rush movie under the caveat that he'll stop seeing Brooke. Brooke and Chris go their separate ways?

LOL, have you never seen a rom-com? Because the pair simply can't resist each other, Chris is already in her messages asking to see Brooke again for a dinner date if she's willing. Over dinner, the two bond over their pasts—Chris losing his mother and brother, Brooke losing her husband—and agree that they're just friends and their hook up was just a one time thing. Of course, that lasts all of two seconds: Chris and Brooke hook up yet again and continue a secret relationship behind Zara's back, with her finding out about their relationship by seeing Brooke's name on the screenplay for the latest Icarus Rush movie, which she previously thought was in-between screenwriters.

Does Zara accept Brooke and Chris' relationship?

Short answer: It's ~complicated~. After running into the pair at an event, Zara blows up at Brooke for going behind her back and comparing her current feelings to how she once felt with Zara's deceased father. Brooke and Chris' relationship is left up in the air and she's unsure of what to do, but her mother-in-law Leila (Kathy Bates) invites Chris over for Christmas at the family cabin to see if Zara will come around to him, and she ultimately does...that is, until she stumbles onto a pair of earrings that he frequently uses to break up with his ex-girlfriends. Chris attempts to explain, but Zara tells the story to Brooke, putting her relationship with Chris on hold.

Zara continues to work with Chris on Icarus Rush, and when seeing how miserable he is after sharing that Brooke will head to Princeton for a semester to teach, she schemes with Leila to get the couple back together. Zara tricks Chris and brings him grocery shopping, intentionally not informing him that all the shoppers are extras, while Leila brings Brooke to the store for horned melons for dementia. Brooke and Chris reunite, Zara apologizes for meddling in their relationship, and the happy couple seals their love with a kiss—d'aww.

What happens in the time jump?

The time jump takes place one year in the future, and everyone is peachy keen—Brooke has published another novel. Zara is moving up in the film industry and has an assistant of her own now, but still works with Chris. Chris and Brooke are still together, and everyone lives happily ever after. We love to see it!

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