The one thing you should never say to a flight attendant

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Stewardess on the airfield. Place for your text.
Flight attendants have revealed the one thing you shouldn't say to them. Photo: Getty

Flight attendants have to put up with a lot from passengers on any given flight.

From the complainers, to the noisy ones, and those a little nervous about flying, there is plenty that airline staff have heard before.

But apparently there is one thing you should never say, especially if you are actually a frequent flyer.

A Quora thread asked the question ‘What do flight attendants get sick of hearing from passengers?’

"I fly more than you,” a cabin crew member from Air Asia revealed.

“Wow. Tell me about all your twice-a-year flights that you have taken from the age of one,” she continued.

“Or that once a month flight you took every month that netted you probably 100 hours annually.

“Or if you are the daily commuter, taking a morning flight to work and back (and because it's daily, most of these ‘business’ flights rarely exceed 90 minutes.”

She explained she clocks up on average 80-plus hours in the air per month, but more during peak periods.

“That's on a good easy month. No school holidays, no public holidays. A busy month with multiple holidays? Easy peasy my dear old folks, up to 140 hours sometimes,” she wrote.

“And you know the best part? That's just hours on air. Not including me doing my pre-flight duties”

Cabin aisle in airplane with rows of seats and passengers.
Cabin aisle in airplane with rows of seats and passengers.

She was backed up by another crew member from a major US airline, who echoed her sentiment.

“The top most annoying thing to me is ‘I’LL BET I FLY MORE THAN YOU DO’,” he wrote.

“NO….. you don't.”

A few other ones to avoid

Talking about medical issues is another thing flight attendants don’t want to hear unless absolutely necessary. If you’re asking for a glass of water for example, they don’t need to know about which pill you need to take and why.

“To be honest, the number one thing is hearing all about their health issues when asking for a cup of water,” an American Airlines flight attendant wrote.

“If you’d like a glass of water, just ask for one. Usually this is during boarding— the craziest part of the flight. We don’t care if you need to take a pill, or you’re SOOO thirsty. At this point, just tell us what you need! We’ll be happy to get that for you.”

Air stewardess serving water inside an airplane, close up of hands, unrecognizable person.
Cabin Crew don't want to hear about why you want water. Photo: Getty

Another one he said he heard too often was ‘But, I did it on my last flight’.

“We must follow both company rules, and federal regulations. Did you know that flight attendants can be personally fined more than $10,000USD by the FAA for disobeying Federal Air Regulations,” he revealed.

“Even if another flight attendant chose not to enforce a regulation before, this doesn’t mean that the regulation doesn’t exist.”

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