Olivia Wilde's Monthly Income Revealed as She Claims Jason Sudeikis Doesn't Pay Child Support

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Olivia Wilde's Monthly $$$ Revealed in Court DocsGreg Doherty - Getty Images

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are still in the middle of pretty contentious custody proceedings, and according to court docs, Olivia has revealed her ex doesn't pay child support.

Olivia has formally requested that Jason start paying child support, saying she "has borne the lion's share of the expenses for their children" even though "he earns significantly more than" her. According to court docs first obtained by The Blast (via Entertainment Tonight), Olivia is claiming to have over $107,000 in monthly expenses, including $60,000 in "rent/mortgage" and an additional $4,000 in "laundry and cleaning." She also told the court that she makes $40,000 a month in salary, and $60,000 from "Wilde Company income" and "rental property income." She revealed that she has $10 million in assets in addition to $645,187 in bank accounts.

Olivia also notes that she's "bearing 100% of the costs of the children's care when they are with me, including, but not limited to, their food, clothing, childcare, extracurricular activities and transportation costs," though Jason does split the cost of tuition.

Olivia's court documents claim that "it is undisputed that [Sudeikis] earns significantly more than Olivia and has greater access to funds" and that "Jason shares equal responsibility with Olivia for the support of their children." She also straight up claims that Sudeikis "is not currently paying child support" and wants the court to "make an order regarding child support so that I can adequately provide for our children commensurate with Jason's standard of living."

Meanwhile, a source close to Jason told Entertainment Tonight that "Jason shared costs equally and fairly throughout his relationship, including everything related to the children. Jason took it upon himself to initiate the proceedings in the first place to ensure that the kids would be properly cared for by both parents based on the court deciding what is fair financially going forward."

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