Olivia Rodrigo hilariously responds to fan’s viral tattoo typo of lyrics

Olivia Rodrigo hilariously responds to fan’s viral tattoo typo of lyrics

Olivia Rodrigo has hilariously responded to a fan who discovered a typo in a tattoo of the singer’s lyrics.

In a video shared to TikTok last month, the fan, Grace Flemming, revealed she got a tattoo based on one of Rodrigo’s songs, “Hope Ur OK.” However, she ultimately realised that there was a mistake in the ink of the song lyrics, as her tattoo read: “Address the letters to the holes in my butter wings.”

Although the majority of the tattoo was right, there was a typo in the latter half, as the lyrics in the song are “butterfly wings” and not “butter wings.” Fleming quipped about her mistake in the text over the video, writing: “This is your sign to ALWAYS double check the spelling before you get a tattoo.”

After the video went viral on TikTok, Rodrigo herself shared a hilarious reaction to the typo in the tattoo. “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG THIS IS THE NEW LYRIC IM CHANGING IT TO BUTTERWINGS,” the singer commented.

Flemming then shared a video to TikTok to happily respond to Rodrigo’s comment, and address how excited she was about it, showcasing the shocked look on her face.

“I thought butter wings instead of butterfly on my body permanently was going to suck forever, but lowkey grateful,” she wrote in the text over the video, which was set to Rodrigo’s hit song, “All American B****.”

She also quipped about how the “Vampire” singer will be making use of the typo in the tattoo. “Can I be featured in the re-recording with the new lyric?” she wrote.

During an interview with Today, Flemming emphasised how stunned she was when Rodrigo responded to her video. She also noted that after seeing the “Deja Vu” singer’s reaction, she doesn’t plan on fixing the typo in the tattoo.

“Not changing it definitely makes it more unique and special. I kind of want to keep it, but also want to get the right lyrics. Maybe I’ll keep this one, and get the right lyrics somewhere else,” she explained.

She then reflected on how the typo happened in the first place, confessing then when the tattoo artist showed her the stencil, she didn’t read all of it.

“I’m such a person who’s like: ‘I want to see the finished product. Just do it. It looks great. I can’t wait,’” she explained.

Fleming noted that while she left the tattoo shop unaware of the mistake, her boyfriend noticed it immediately when she sent him a photo of the ink.

“The little bubbles were typing for so long. And I was like: ‘What is he going to say? Does he think it looks bad? What is it?’” she said, before adding that he finally responded with: “Did you take out the ‘fly,’” referring to the word missing in her tattoo.

She noted that while she’s been scrutinised on social media for the error in the ink, she doesn’t let it get to her. She also reiterated that she’s chosen to embrace the tattoo that she has.

“Sometimes I get a little angry about it. But it’s so funny. I tell random strangers who are like: ‘I like your tattoo,’ and I’m like: ‘Oh, well let me show you,” Flemming said. “It’s kind of become such a big thing where I’m kind of like: ‘Oh, this is a really good mistake.”

The Independent has contacted Flemming for comment.