Older People Are Sharing "Baffling" Things They've Noticed About Younger People In Their Teens And 20s

Older People Are Sharing "Baffling" Things They've Noticed About Younger People In Their Teens And 20s

I know that as a millennial, I sometimes feel like I can't keep up with the trends of today. Let's just say it took me a good minute to finally download and use TikTok.

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When I came across this Reddit thread where u/VisibleConfusion12 asked: "What is something that young people love that you don’t understand?" I was reassured that I'm not alone in feeling this way! Here is what some people had to say.

1."The public TikTok dancing. I just can't handle the second-hand embarrassment when someone is dancing in aisle five."

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2."Filming themselves crying."


3."FaceTiming people instead of calling them. Unless you have to show me something, I prefer not to show my face on a screen."


4."The unending need to share everything on social media including their meals, their children, their partners, everything."


5."As a teacher, I get enormously annoyed by the idea that it seems cool to act dumb for a significant amount of teens. Like, being actually proud of lacking or pretending to lack basic knowledge or primary skills. Over the last two weeks, I had a kid claiming not to know how to use a ruler, and one who claimed to never have used scissors."

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6."The amount of online content so many people create. It's fucking work! How do they have time for this?"


7."Talking loudly with your phone on speaker while in public. WTF is that all about?"


8."Referring to anybody people don't like as narcissistic. Every form of lying or even just disagreement is gaslighting."


9."Film random strangers without consent to make fun of them online all for internet 'clout.'"


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10."Social media celebrities."


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11."Extravagant proms and baby showers."


12."The videos where they say it's a 'life hack' when it's just common sense. 'Try out this crazy life hack for perfectly cut bagels, EVERY TIME!' The person proceeds to use a bagel cutter."

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13."Watching unboxing videos."

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14."Those large, spider-looking, over-the-top fake eyelashes."


15."I'm still young, but Mukbang videos. I like cooking shows, but watching someone pig out on camera is just gross."

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16."Snapchat and location sharing. It's so vain. Humans are not meant to be that connected."


Is there anything else you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below.