We Want To Know The Present-Day Item That You Think Would've Been Helpful To Have Back In The Day

We often talk about the good ol' days with a lot of nostalgia. I know I loved nothing more than popping in The Sims on my family's desktop after a tough day of school or hearing my parents fight over printed-out Mapquest directions during a road trip.

Young child focused on using a vintage computer setup with a mouse and monitor
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But as much as I fondly look back on those times, I can't help but think of all the modern-day inventions I'm forever grateful for. So, if you're an older adult, I want to know: What modern item do you wish you had back in the day?

Maybe, like me, you're terrible with directions and wish you could've whipped out Google Maps every time you got lost. Even Mapquest might've been a step up from a paper map or vague directions to "turn left at the red house."

Person holding a smartphone with a map on the screen, in an urban evening setting
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You might love the fact that you can stream any movie or TV show without relying on cable, a theater's movie times, or Netflix DVD deliveries. (Let's be honest, though, there was something special about Blockbuster on a Friday night.)

Hand using a remote to select a program on a smart TV screen
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Perhaps you're thankful for smartphones in general, especially now that you don't have to memorize all those phone numbers or keep them in a bulky Rolodex.

Person holding a smartphone, focusing on the device and their hands
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On a more serious note, you may also be grateful for all the advances in modern medicine that didn't exist even 10–20 years ago.

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In the comments below, tell us the modern invention you wish you had in your day, or fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!